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Patriots camp to the Stanley Cup playoffs

Jay Kenney, Jon Lyons, and Dakota Randall take a look at where the Patriots are heading into minicamp, and how the Stanley Cup finals...

Patron Tequila Launches on Dirty Water Fridays LIVE

Patron Tequila took over Dirty Water Fridays at The Greatest Bar for the month of October 2016 introducing a new line of specialty cocktails...

Replay: Live from The Greatest Bar

We have a great lineup of shows broadcasting on Facebook Live and Livestream Friday night from The Greatest Bar in Boston. Check out the Friday...

Dirty Water Friday LIVE with Patron and KISS 108’s Mikey V

Dirty Water Fridays at The Greatest Bar with KISS 108 Radio Personality Mikey V is so hot that you may need to do a...

The Men’s Room LIVE – Episode One

The Men's Room LIVE Podcast debuted from The Greatest Bar on Friday, September 20, 2019 as hosts Kevin Cooney and Colin Begin took their...

Dirty Water Weekend with Alex Guarino & Taralynn Asack

Tonight on Dirty Water Weekend LIVE from The Greatest Bar, Dirty Water Media hosts Alex Guarino and Taralynn Asack talk about the premiere...

Dirty Water Weekend LIVE Presented by Jack Daniel’s

Dirty Water Weekend LIVE for Friday, January 12, 2018 hosted by KISS 10's Mikey V and presented by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey!

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NBA Is Now a League of Super Teams and Super Villains

Infinity War. Rogue One. Friday Night Lights. No, not a spontaneous spouting off of blockbuster films. But rather, instances of features where the bad guy...