Bashing David Price, Praising Jesus Christ, NFL Happenings, and More

Dirty Water Sports Live updated and broke down the Red Sox at the trade deadline, the Patriots in training camp, and the latest around...

Banner Bound: Kyrie needs to lead the playoff push

Host Brianna DeNucci is joined by Crosby Bergevin to break down the latest with the Boston Celtics as the playoffs draw closer.

The Mounted Reinbeers: Pond Hockey Legends

In February, 260 teams converged in Meredith, N.H. for the New England Pond Hockey Classic. And Dirty Water Media (DWM) was there to capture...

Watch: Patriots drama and LeBron nonsense

Dirty Water Sports Live host Christian Arcand is joined by Jamal Burke and Sam Berger at The Greatest Bar with the latest on the...

Monday Replay: ‘Live with Lobel’ from the Baseball Tavern

Are you ready for some baseball in Boston? Bob Lobel and Steve Silva from Dirty Water Sports got ready to go with a Facebook Live...

Watch: Red Sox firing on all cylinders

Mike Grinell and Steve Silva debate who is the Red Sox MVP and what might trip up the team in the postseason.

Can the Red Sox get the pitching they need to succeed?

Steve Silva and Dakota Randall look at the Red Sox needs heading into the second half of the season.

Watch: End of road for Celtics, Red Sox back in focus

Dirty Water Sports Live host Christian Arcand is joined by Jamal Burke, Sam Berger, and Jay Kenney at The Greatest Bar with the latest...

Watch: Will the pennant race go down to the wire?

In this episode of Dirty Water Sports Live, Mike Grinnell and Jon Lyons talk about the Red Sox fight to fend off the Blue...

Will the Red Sox pitching hold up in September?

Can the red hot Red Sox continue to stomp on the Jays all weekend in Toronto? Mike Grinell and Jay Kenney take a look at...

‘Live with Lobel’ Replay from Salem State

Not since Tom Brady arrived via a Kobe-styled chopper has Salem State University hosted such distinguished guests. Bob Lobel and Steve Silva from Dirty Water...

Dirty Water Sports LIVE on January 12, 2018

Dirty Water Sports LIVE on Friday, January 12, 2018 presented by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey hosted by Christian Arcand, Jamal Burke and Sam Berger.

Watch: Celtics Game 3 preview, Kanye thoughts, and more

Josue Pavon from CLNS Media joins Christian Arcand and Jamal Burke at The Greatest Bar with the latest on the Celtics, Red Sox and...

Watch: Big Papi Did All the Little Things in Boston

Mike Grinnell and Jay Kenney talk Red Sox as they head into the final weekend before the postseason and look back on the Red...

Watch: Will Patriots Cruise Past Cincinnati?

Watch Mike Grinnell and Steve Silva talk Tom Brady's return and the Patriots being on to Cincinnati on Dirty Water Sports Live.

Banner Bound: What’s next for Celtics?

Hosts Brianna DeNucci and Crosby Bergevin look back at what went wrong in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and what's next for...

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