This is for every NBA fan who said: “I hope we get to play the Celtics in the first round”. We have the god damn number 1 ranked defense in the league. “But Kyrie is hurt!” “Smart is hurt!”. Kyrie is not on the floor for his defense. Smart is not our entire defense. AL freaking Horford bro, AL freaking Horford. The dude plays lockdown defense all game long and drops 24 with 12 rebounds. GET REAL. The Boston Celtics have without a doubt the deepest roster in the NBA. It really isn’t close. When you have a team that loses everyone and still manages to finish out a season with the number 2 team that is when you know there’s something special going on. Brad Stevens is the mastermind. We’ll be talking about the Stevens system 20 years from now when this guy is leading Boston to out 10th straight ship. Anyway, so my thoughts after that game come down to this: The Celtics are a HUGE darkhorse to win the East. Terry Rozier is my favorite human on earth, we need to turn the ball over less (I’m talking to you Shane Larkin), and why the hell can’t Big Al average a double-double?? Maybe this is a wake-up call for him. Like holy shit, I can probably do this every night, I’m far taller than half of these guys. Also, I am going to hate Giannis by the end of this series. That’s what I love about the NBA playoffs, tensions are so high that rivalries form. The Bucks have a solid team with a good base around Giannis, possibly a future contender.

Elsewhere around the league, Lebron and the Cavs took a fat L to Victor Oladipo and the Pacers. I have been saying it all year long. The Cavs are not a contender this year, and no one wanted to believe me. “You can’t count out a team with Lebron!” Uh, I just did. For those who haven’t noticed yet, basketball is a team sport. One man cannot win a championship. The Cavs aren’t even a team. They’re essentially one player who also coaches. They suck. It is as simple as that. I’m calling Pacers in 6.

The Thunder are my FAVORITE dark horse in the West. They’ll beat out Utah and I really think they can bring Houston to 7 games and maybe even win. Paul George is unbelievable, Westbrook is Westbrook and Melo despite everything I originally thought (I thought he was gonna be pissed that he couldn’t have a leading role and be the top scorer), however from as far as I can see, he is completely fine with averaging 15ish a game and being the third option. Sleeper pick for the Finals.

Photo: Boston Herald