The Celtics have lost 9 of their last 15 games, all without Smart. They let up 111 points to the Raptors, got blown out, then the same week let up 121 to LeBron and the new-look Cavs. Two things to be concerned about here. First is, the only two teams that can potentially beat the Celtics in a 7 game series before the finals are the Raptors and Cavs. The Raptors are scarier than ever to me. Derozan should be in the MVP race, and Kyle Lowry looks as good as ever, not to mention how deep their bench goes. Secondly, we got blown out by the Cavs, a team who traded away half of their squad and came into the Garden on fucking Paul Pierce’s retirement night and almost ruined it. Thank god for ‘08.

Friday night we’ll see Smart back in action against the Detroit Piston who, unless you live under a rock, know acquired Blake Griffin at the trade deadline. And don’t forget, Brad Stevens said we WILL be making lineup changes tonight. My prediction: Congrats Greg Monroe, you’re starting over Aron Baynes. Not really a big deal. But here’s something interesting; Jayson Tatum off the bench. Toss in Rozier at the two spot and let Jaylen Brown play the three. Maybe even toss in Monroe instead of Baynes. I would LOVE that. We have struggled to create offense off the bench this season and if you’ve been watching Jayson Tatum play, he can create a pull-up jumper with ease. Give me that shit off the bench. Maybe that way, Smart won’t feel the need to try to create offense, and he’ll take fewer shots. Brad, I know you aren’t reading this but I think I just figured it out. Please, dear god, give me Tatum off the bench. Oh, and by the way, just wait till Hayward is back. Hayward starts, Tatum off the bench *insert heart eyes emoji*.

I have been all over the place with my takes on Smart. But can you blame me? He’s a pain in the ass of a player. He’ll shoot 0-8 through 3 quarters then knock down a 3 to win us the game. You are the reason I don’t have straight A’s Marcus, thanks a bunch.

Let me address anyone, myself included, who hated on Smart this season. Shut.The.Hell.Up. This guy is Celtic if I have ever seen one. Defense, grit, ambition, heart, he is Boston. I’ve been taking a lot of crap from the loserville New-Yorkers in my dorm about paying him in the offseason and I have the same response for these loser-mentality cities, PAY HIM. Truth me, when we get Hayward back, it will be worth it. If I didn’t know it before, I know it now, offense wins games, defense win championships.

Photo: Boston Herald

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Matthew Gentile is a 19-year-old Marketing major at Providence College who been an avid Boston sports fan his entire life. Growing up in North Reading, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from Boston, Matt has been watching the Boston Celtics since the ‘07-’08 season. Matt fell in love with the Celtics and specifically Paul Pierce, one of his heroes. He watches just about every Boston Celtics game throughout the 82-game season and researches statistics and player information on the daily. He is also passionate about music, movies, writing and the New England Patriots. Matt enjoys playing basketball, old school video games and having a strong social life in his free time. Matt loves Boston as much as anyone.