he Boston Celtics made easy work of the Bucks in a 120-106 victory Tuesday night to snag Game 2, which was highlighted with a monster 30 pt 55 percent shooting night for Jaylen Brown, making him the youngest player in franchise history to score 30+ points in a playoff game.

On top of this, young stud Jayson Tatum who notched the first playoff double-double by a Celtic rookie since Larry Bird in Game 1. In other news, Playoff Al is REAL. We saw it last year and we are seeing it again this year. After his phenomenal 24/12 performance, he came back in Game 2 to score 16 along with 4 assist and 5 boards. Scary Terry was great as always with 23 points and 8 assists to go along with it. This is a team who spreads the offensive wealth. A team that despite being riddled with injuries, still has guys like Marcus Morris who come off the bench and score 18 on 6/11 shooting, or Greg Monroe who has proven to be a fantastic signing, leading the team in rebounds and showcasing his ability to score in the post. Be afraid when Marcus Smart returns.

Also, Eric Bledsoe is a loser. This dude is claiming that he doesn’t know the starting point guard WHO HE HAS BEEN GUARDING for two games. Yeah Bledsoe, I’m sure Joe Prunty didn’t mention Rozier once in practice. I’m sure he was all like “make sure not to let the Celtics point guard not score too many points!” Get real Eric Bledsoe. But if, in fact, Mr. Bledsoe is not lying I would like to remind him that Terry Rozier was the one who broke his fucking ankles like no problem and knocked down a step back three with 0.5 seconds left to go on the clock in Game 1. And I’ll toss in some more highlights if that isn’t enough.

3 with 0.5 left on the clock

Game 1 Game-Winning Dunk Vs. Indiana

Late 3 Pointers through 2017-2018 Season

Home court is important in the playoffs and the Bucks have a fairly respectable fan base, but now that Giannis is an MVP candidate, and the team looks like it finally has a supporting cast that can compete in upcoming years, I expect Milwaukee to have a crowd. Remember in ‘08 when the Celtics went to 7 games with the 8th seeded Hawks? I don’t want that to happen again. This team is too injury ridden to rely on home court. However, I don’t think I need to be worried. This is for a couple of reasons. The first is that this is a Brad Stevens team and Brad Stevens doesn’t coach teams who come in thinking they are unbeatable. Secondly, this team has been an underdog all season long and a couple games in Milwaukee, crowd or not, shouldn’t stop the C’s from doing their thing. In a perfect world, we go 2-0 away and sweep the Bucks. In a more realistic world, we might have to chalk up a loss and head back to Boston to end the series. Who remembers last year when we were down 0-2 to the Bulls in the first round? This feels a hell of a lot better huh?

Photo: Boston Herald