Hollywood in Boston, Big Air at Fenway, Central Bistro and More Discoveries


One of the best parts of our job is discovering new spots that offer amazing food and drink. That’s exactly what Central Bistro in Downtown Crossing delivered when we visited them recently.  The elephant’s ear was one of the best things we have ever tasted … and no, it’s not what you think, it’s better.  Central Bistro is – hands down – the best place to socialize after work.  The food, the drink and the ambiance make this the perfectly situated location for a great night out.  Take a peek at what you’ll see on this weekend’s all new show from Central Bistro with Dirty Water Media hosts Julia Scaparotti, Amanda Soucy and reporter Samantha Poirier.  We’ll take you to the movies, hang with Hollywood in Boston, get Big Air at Fenway, and say Namastay Sober.  It’s an enlightening show.  Come get social at Central Bistro.  Oh, and the amazing photo of our crew taping at Central was shot by photographer extraordinaire Kayana Szymczak.