Chris Gore joins Stack and Smash Radio


This week on the Stack & Smash podcast we sit down via telephone with our friend Chris Gore. You may know Chris from a wide variety of things, most notably he was on G4TV’s “Attack of the Show” every Tuesday reviewing that weeks DVD/Blu-Ray releases on a segment called “DVDuesday.” Others may notice him from stand up or hosting panels at conventions across the country.


Chris is also the creator of “Film Threat” which began as an underground publication in the 80’s to help give more exposure to independent films that normally don’t get the main stream rub that big box office movies do. Later purchased by Larry Flynt in the 90’s Chris is no trying to revitalize it online with a Kickstarter campaign that he tells us about during the interview. We also discuss a controversy that surrounds a panel he was suppose to host at this weekends Wondercon. Other topics include bullying, and his book “Celebrities Poop” which is illustrated by none other than his daughter.

Join us as we sit down with Chris and have a hilarious and often in depth discussion on this and other topics!

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