Christmas Shopping Down To The Wire


For all those last minute shoppers I wish I could say something to ease your pain but I can’t. What I can do is give you a few suggestions that may help out with the last weekend of shopping before Christmas. If you’ve decided on not going with the popular tech gifts such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart Watch (which I love) or a tablet like the ipad air, then these are some basic ideas to get you out of the “don’t know what to buy zone.” At this point it’s all about getting things crossed off the list! *Side note to those of you that have finished all of your shopping, most likely online I think you’re awesome but I dislike you because I’m jealous:) That being said let’s get onto this list. The list most likely has many names with blank spaces next to them because you don’t know what to get, hence the last minute shopping. Let’s make this easy. There are 2 categories of people we buy gifts for, the people we know well and the ones we don’t know as well.

Gifts For Woman:

Let’s start with the people you don’t know as well like a new girlfriend or someone you’re dating. Most people think that perfume is a cliche gift, which given alone I would agree. Though, if you add some things along with it, maybe giving your gift a theme it won’t be so bad.  Try adding a gift certificate for a massage and one personal gift. (Gift certificates can sometimes seem like a gift you haven’t put much thought into but you can’t deny how useful and enjoyable a massage certificate is!) Therefore adding this into the mix would create a thoughtful gift with elements of pampering, which fair to say most women appreciate. When it comes to picking out a perfume here are a couple of tips, *Light Blue by Dolce Gabbana is a great go-to perfume as it’s light and well liked by women in their 20’s on up. You can also pick out the newest fragrance from a maker that you know she’s worn in the past.  You can’t go wrong with that because it shows that you pay attention and she ends up with something new! The other option is taking the time to pick out something yourself. She would appreciate the time you took, and if she likes you she’ll like it because you do!!  In terms of the massage gift certificate you can get it from somewhere like Massage Envy which has many locations. Though, if you have time to scope out a nice place close to where she lives that will work even better because it’s convenient and the extra thought you put in matters.  Onto to the personal gift, if you are at a bit of a loss for something personal you could always go to VS (Victoria’s Secret) and ask someone there to help you pick out a nice lounge set, such as pajama pants and matching shirt. Again thats playing it safe but it’s keeping with the pampering theme and in the least it’s something she would use. Instead of something form VS you could go with something that pertains to her interests. For example if she’s into fitness or a yoga girl, make a stop a sports store and ask for help picking out some yoga accessories that they’ll  be happy to assist you with:) One product my fitness guru friends have raved about is fitbit , a fitness tracking device, which is great because it’s not something everyone will spend the money on to purchase for themselves ($59.95-$129.95). If you decide on an item like that make sure it’s something she’s into. Otherwise it may suggest that she needs to work out which is a no no!! If any of these seem like products you won’t or can’t purchase just omit one and replace it with something else like all natural lotions (which appeal to almost any woman) from Target or a Spa, Josie Maran products that contain 100% argon oil from Sephora, a designer case for a tablet if she doesn’t already have one, or chocolate covered strawberries elaborately packaged if you want to keep it simple!


When it comes to the woman you know well I’m sure you can think of  many things she likes that you’ve already given her in the past, so maybe you want to get a little creative, which can be difficult. One idea which was actually a gift that was given to one of my friends was a prepaid photo shoot. All of her friends including myself agreed that it was such a thoughtful idea and out of the ordinary. It was definitely special because it was something her and her boyfriend could do together. To make it even more of an event you could always get her a gift certificate to her favorite store (I love Nordstrom, not that you asked:) so that she can buy a new outfit for the shoot. You could also get a gift certificate to Sephora where she can purchase some beauty products for the shoot as well. *Sephora gift certificates are great period because they have so many beauty related items we love so much, such as makeup, skin care products and perfume. You could also go to her hair salon or any upscale salon and ask them to put together a package of their best hair products. A watch is always a nice gift if she doesn’t have one. (I suggest Nordstrom for that purchase).

 Gifts Co-Worker’s / Teachers:

When it comes to people you don’t know as well such as your children’s school teacher or co-workers, here are just a few ideas. For my kids school teachers I always love the candles from Bath and Body Works for a few reasons. First is that they smell great!! Next is that they’re more affordable then Yankee Candles. I prefer the candles over their soap and lotion gift sets because you never know what scents people really like to wear or the sensitivity of their skin.  Though if you are going to buy a lotion I highly recommend the aroma therapy line – I love, love, love the Black Current Vanilla scent!! (even if the person just uses it on their hands they will love it too) You could also give them a $5 gift certificate to Dunking Donut just to add a little bit of an extra thought to the gift. One more great idea would be to pick up a small decorative frame from T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s and write a note that says Thank You or Merry Christmas where the picture would go! When it comes to co-worker’s you can always get an Amazon gift certificate which you can pick up anywhere! (I think this is a great and easy universal gift certificate when you need to give a non personal gift because it can be used for So Many things)  Though, I myself have been in the position where I couldn’t buy a gift certificate for all the people I work with but I did want to give them a little something just to let them know I thought of them. I also wanted to keep it universal. So I went out and bought a bunch a small gift bags and filled them with the small bottles of hand sanitizes form Bath and Body Works which at the time were about 4 for $1. Then I filled the bag with bliss chocolates. It was a small gift with very little cost but it served it’s purpose by letting them know I thought of them and was useful at the same time. As I walked around the office I saw most of the bottles on their desks, which they used all the time since winter is cold season. You can also always find nice inexpensive gift sets for women that are a little different and useful at Bed Bath and Beyond as well, but I think most of us know that right??

candle        amazonblackcurrentredframe


Gifts For Men:

Now onto the men in your lives. This part will be short because I’m a lady and obviously I’m much better at picking out the things that I like:) Though I have enough experience to know something about it! Women are pretty thoughtful and or creative in general when it comes to buying gifts for the man in their life. But I will say for the man that has it all or can afford anything just think about being Thoughtful! I will give an example. I had an ex-boyfriend that had it all. There was no point in buying him an expensive belt or an outfit because he could and did all of those things for himself. So I opted to buy him an expensive, aged bottle of his favorite liquor with high quality glasses to go with it. When it comes to the men that we know well, we buy anything from cloths, to dress sox and shoes for them because we know their style. Though for a man that’s new to your life I would stay away from buying cloths because you run the danger of buying what you like, which is not necessarily what he feels comfortable in. Although, there are some universal accessories you can buy, such as nice leather gloves with a hat and scarf. I would suggest Macy’s or Nordstrom to name a few for that! If he travels you could buy a leather toiletry bag filled with products that you take the time to pick out. Depending on your budget you could go anywhere from Target to Sak’s Fifth to find goodies for that bag. Another idea would be to get him a DVD set of one of the popular TV shows like, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, or any series he watches religiously.

grandmarnierrocksglassesmensscarfbossglovesKIEHLS~1walking dead


Although I can’t doing anything about the long lines and stale air you’ll surely run into during the Christmas rush at the stores, I do hope I gave you some direction or a few ideas if you needed it. These are just some basic examples of gifts that will be of good use with a thoughtful twist! One thing you will most certainly need when you’re down to the wire is a plan! Good Luck and remember the one thing that never changes, it’s the thought that counts to the people that matter to you!! Happy Shopping!!

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