Don Sweeney made it clear today that Claude Julien is his coach.

Sweeney told reporters at a morning news conference that “I believe in Claude as a coach.”

Julien told reporters this is the place where he wants to coach and he wants to see the job through. He said, ” I want to be here. I want to bring this team back to where we had it.”

This is a good move by Don Sweeney and the Bruins. The knee jerk reaction after a second straight late season collapse would have been to fire Julien. But he has won more games as a Bruins coach for a good reason. He is a very good coach, who has the respect of the key players in that locker room.

It’s now up to Don Sweeney to give Julien a lineup that can compete. The Bruins did a good job of clearing cap space. It’s now time to fill that space up with quality players.