After 13 glorious Saturdays, the college football season has come to an end. It’s a sad day for anyone who enjoys fun and beer.

I got really into the college game this year — even more than the NFL — and I came to the conclusion that it is because of one critical factor: Saturdays (and college kickers. College kicking is so wildly unpredictable I LOVE it).

College football and Saturdays are the greatest marriage of all time. They go perfectly together. But now, it is all over and I want to cry… until New Year’s Eve!

Washington vs. Alabama and Clemson vs. Ohio State are both slated for New Year’s Eve which is totally cool with me because I hate the last night of the year — the most overrated holiday of all time. Now I have an excuse to not go out and spend two months worth of paychecks at the bar. But the NYE games are extremely foolish for college football because most of society enjoys going out and will not be watching the games.

On a side note, Penn State being left out and Ohio State being in is highway robbery. I get where the committee is coming from, Ohio State is a better team and they want the four best teams in, blah, blah. but how can you justify Ohio State being in over Penn State when not only did the Lions win the B1G, THEY BEAT OHIO STATE HEAD-TO-HEAD! It’s not hypothetical. OSU and PSU played on the field and PSU won. On top of that, PSU is getting knocked because they lost to Michigan by 29 and OSU beat Michigan, so then how do you justify Penn State being No. 5 and Michigan being No. 6? It’s bananaland. Until we move to an eight-team playoff, a team will always be left out and it will never be perfect.

On to the matchups:

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Washington

Honestly UDub shouldn’t even bother showing up. Alabama is gonna win this game by at least 25. Their D is just too good and although the Huskies offense is high flying, QB Jake Browning has proved to be inconsistent lately, especially in big games. Even though they won the PAC-12 handedly, he still didn’t play that well of a game, their D carried them. This game is gonna be a lopsided snooze fest: Alabama 43 Washington 16.

No. 2 Clemson vs. No. 3 Ohio State

This on the other hand is must watch TV. I think this has game of the season potential. Two really good squads who have proven to be dominant, but also proven to have weaknesses and are subject to upsets. Ohio State has been really good all season long, while Clemson has had more of a roller coaster season. Both teams have been here before so they have experience. At the end of the day I think this one comes down to the quarterbacks, and the advantage has to go to DeShaun Watson. While DeShaun may not have the best numbers in CFB, he’s the most NFL ready and will shine in the spotlight once again: Clemson 28 Ohio State 24.

This of course will lead to a rematch of last year’s title game. Right now, Alabama is head and shoulders the best team in the land, so I’m going to give them the advantage. But we’ll check back in at the start of the new year. Buckle up baby, it’s bowl season!