Conquest of the Stars: House & Techno Goes Out of KNTRL at ZuZu



If you are a longtime fixture of Boston’s nightlife party scene, you are probably well aware of the long history of house music celebrations & techno-tinged bangers that have existed within our community, going back decades. From the glory days of The Loft to parties such as longtime mainstay Make It New, to the annual weeklong love affair of all things electronic music known as Together, Boston’s longtime adoration of the music runs deep, every celebration – day or night – beautiful, unique, a tribute to the pulsating beats & positive vibes this form of music represents.

Now, take those vibes and bring them to the next level. Better yet, think beyond the next level. There are no limits within the human imagination, you see. Take the house & techno sound, and make it the soundtrack to a party situation that takes the experience somewhere into the stratosphere. Give it flourishes of vibrant visual; welcome outer space’s sexiest alien beings, and splash bold colored body paint across their perfect bodies; put a tag team of craftsmen DJs who want to take the 617 nightlife scene where no man or woman has gone before.

If this sounds to you like the kind of dance party that dwells within in the dreams of Ace Frehley, you’re about there (hell, he’s probably held down a few of these up on his home planet Jendell). This past Wednesday night, 320 Entertainment presented the grand opening of a brand-new monthly house & techno party. It’s called KNTRL. There is nothing else like it in New England. For those who packed ZuZu in Central Square, Cambridge, to full capacity – they now know what it’s like to get the club goin’ up… WAY up…nah, WAAAAY, WAAAAY up…up in the outer limits of space.


KNTRL’s mixmasters – DJs AlexXxan and Howie Rivet – are no strangers to earthbound party vibes in the city of Boston. With vast experience spinning live at some of Boston’s hottest venues, and a genuine love for the music, they are a duo who had a grand vision in place. They visualized a new party flow, largely inspired by Mei Ohara’s Intergalactic Dance Party several months back at Allston’s Wonder Bar, that would take the tasty visual elements of that particular event and inject their special brand house & techno flavor. With the additions to Alien-TV presenting hypnotic live visuals, and the supremely talented Patrick the Candy Man unleashing body painting exhibitions upon beautiful female alien type beings – and the hard-grinding 320 Entertainment team getting the word out – this promised to be some must-see shhh. If you were not at ZuZu this past Wednesday, you were totally at the wrong party.


From start to finish, the party was nonstop, and it was unlike anything else happening in the city. There was something special, something futuristic and gorgeous, about the sounds AlexXxan & Howie were spinning on the 1s & 2s. Yes, this was house & techno familiar to earth people; yet, there was something more. Another layer of shine, a seductive quality to it, the kind not commonly experienced by mortal men & women. You guys ever heard of space disco? The works of Cerrone, Patrick Crowley, or Supermax? This was the kind of vibe being felt here, an amazing exploration of the wonders of outer space music by humans. AlexXxan, Howie: gentlemen, you made this vibe happen. To these ears, it was orgasmic. Thank you for that, family.

Then there was the sights: truly a sensory overload you needed to be present for. Really, words cannot do it justice, but that’s my job here, so I will damn sure try, ok? Alien-TV set the tone with onscreen visuals that captured the night’s feel perfectly. The mix of Japanese anime, scenery from the cosmos, and feature film sequences tantalized, and if you stopped to watch it long enough while set to the soundtrack AlexXxan & Howie were throwing down, you found yourself caught like a magnet and being pulled into the void, one that left you in a trancelike state.


Ah, and then there was the body painting exhibitions. KNTRL‘s hostess – the out of this world Mei Ohara – together with the equally as lovely Arielle Coco, would find their nearly nude bodies lavished with colorful, stunning body artwork, curated by Patrick the Candy Man. Facts only: the eyes of every earthling at ZuZu were on the ladies in paint, who wore their freshly minted designs and soon became the central visual attraction, the lasting image everyone would take with them back to more earthly surroundings. Take a look at the photo Golden Lion Photography snapped, that is seen on the front of this writeup: Only at KNTRL does such an experience exist.

I am proud to have 320 Entertainment as KNTRL‘s promotional representative. The entire squad – AlexXxan, Howie, Mei, Arielle, Alien-TV, Patrick – truly gave us a cure for the common party, an unforgettable experience that took celebrations of house & techno to heights never before envisioned. A big shout out to each and every one of you. You did your boy Mr. Golden and every single person in the building proud.

Happily, I announce that KNTRL is now a regular monthly party on the ZuZu calendar, presented by 320 Entertainment. The next episode unfolds Wednesday night, July 15. This time, AlexXxan and Howie assume robot form. Awwww shhh, son. Pull up for this one.

That said, I leave you with the following image. For me, a personal highlight of KNTRL was the surprise appearance of my old broadcast partner and onetime love interest, “Mistress” Jada Sinn. It was good to connect once more with Jada. It surely bought back some dope memories. It’s funny how, no matter how many highs and lows we have endured, no matter where things may have been left between us previously, the minute we see each other…we still embrace one another like lifelong family. I am happy Jada came through. No matter what, I will always love her & have respect for what we accomplished together.

No matter how much she clowns me in party pics.