OK, humor me on this one. But it could happen.

How about LeBron James coming to the Celtics this summer?

The King has an opt-out clause in his deal with Cleveland that kicks in this summer. Chances are very, very, very high that he stays with the Cavs and doesn’t bolt his hometown again. But whispers are starting to come out of Cleveland that LeBron is not happy with the Cavs right now.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst is as close to LeBron than any other member of the media. He went on the Dan Le Bartard show and said he doesn’t think LeBron would leave Cleveland, but he has learned to never say anything’s impossible. Windhorst went on to say that LeBron has become jealous of all the attention that Steph Curry is getting and that the Warriors are now in the Cavaliers heads.

LeBron has had a weird week. With the Cavs having a couple of days off in a row, James flew down to Miami to work out with former teammate Dwayne Wade. That upset some people as Cleveland could be facing Miami in the playoffs.

“What do I go there for? Go there ’cause I want to,” James said. “I would love to go to LA, but I’ll take 2½ [hour flight] over 4½. I’ve got a house in LA, but it makes more sense for me to go south than go west. But I go because I want to.”

So if the King wants to abdicate his throne in Cleveland, why not come to the Celtics? Boston has a core group of players in place, they will have a top-five draft pick, and a coach in Brad Stevens that everyone wants to play with. And the C’s will have the cap space to make it work financially.

LeBron Celtics

LeBron is all about winning championships and at the age of 31 maybe he is feeling his window is starting to close a bit. If the Cavaliers have a tough time in the playoffs, he may think that Cleveland is not the best place for him to win another title.

I know it’s the longest of long shots, but why not Boston?

No one ever thought Danny Ainge could get Kevin Garnett to play here but the Big Ticket came and a championship followed.

Here’s hoping lightning will strike twice.