Declining Nightlife Scene – Damn Millennials!!!


The Nightlife Scapegoat: Marketing to Millennials


It’s the new hot topic. The “it” generation. The scapegoat behind a declining nightlife scene. We’re talking about Millennials – the largest generation in history, accounting for 92 million people n the U.S. alone.

Nearly every brand is dedicating resources to figure out how to best market to the Millennial generation, and nightlife is no different. This generation approaches life differently than previous cohorts, and has flipped many industries on its head. They’re not going to follow what’s always been done, so now it’s up to you to think differently and reach them in ways that make sense to them.

In my opinion, everyone is over-complicating how to market to Millennials. The Baby Boomers were the first generation to flip marketing upside down. Part of it was that there were newer marketing channels to use than were historically available, another part was that there were more people making buying decisions, and a third part was that their lifestyle was drastically different than generations before them. Sound familiar? There weren’t drastic changes between them and the Gen Xers in how they made buying decisions. But now, with Millennials, things are evolving yet again.

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