‘Soft Footballs’ Star in Alec Baldwin’s Super Bowl Commercial for Amazon


The Deflategate jokes. They go on and on and on.

And you’re not going to be able to escape this one featuring Alec Baldwin in a spot for Amazon.com’s Echo connection device to the company’s Alexa personal assistant.

In the #BaldwinBowl ad, the venerable actor complains about the softness of the brie footballs that his chefs prepared his Super Bowl viewing party that he’s throwing with Dan Marino.

“There will be no soft footballs this year, not on my watch,” Baldwin deadpans before explaining the “deflated” footballs courtesy of last January’s AFC Championship game between the Patriots and Colts in Foxboro.

On Facebook, Amazon.com dropped the line: “FYI: soft cheese usually tops out around 11.3 p.s.i.”