Deflategate: The negatives and do I dare say positives?

Roger Goodell got it wrong, again.

Deflategate: The negatives and do I dare say positives?

As most of you have already heard, the punishment for deflategate was issued yesterday. Tom Brady got suspended 4 games, the Patriots got fined $1 million, and the team lost a 1st round pick in 2016 and a 4th round pick in 2017. Yes Patriots fans this is awful but I also think that it is a good thing at the same time. But before I go into the positive side of things, I would just like to publicly express how ridiculous this suspension is because there is no evidence. In the Wells report, it expressed that the NFL used two different gages which had two different readings. It also stated that the Indianapolis Colts alerted the NFL that the Patriots footballs were in question and during an AFC Championship game the NFL ran a “sting” operation with the cry baby Colts who still cannot get over the fact that the Patriots have owned them over the last few years but that is beside the point. The point I am making here is that, how can the NFL suspend Brady for “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NFL” when there is no integrity within the leadership of the NFL? So this is what the NFL is basically telling the rest of us; they were willing to have a “probable” uneven playing field for an AFC Championship game and work side by side with an owner who has had multiple arrests and fines for drug abuse. Multiple Quarterbacks have come to the defense of Tom Brady because just like any QB, Brady takes a football before a game, and tells his ball boy to get it to a certain feel before they are subject to inspection. Historically, the NFL has not followed their “protocol” when it comes to the inspection of the footballs. Then to suspend someone on suspicion because you didn’t follow your own protocol and dragged out an investigation for months and couldn’t come back with nothing because that would make Dictator Goodell look bad. This goes back to my points after the Ray Rice story broke and that’s the fact that Goodell should not be the commissioner of the NFL. Since that instance, everything he has done has been him covering his tracks in light of that situation. Ray Rice is on video dragging his wife’s unconscious body out of an elevator gets a 2 game suspension but Tom Brady gets 4 games for a suspicion that he had something to do with footballs being deflated. What does that say to female fans of the NFL? If the league wants to punch people for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the league, maybe they should take a look in the mirror because after nothing happened to Roger Goodell after the Ray Rice situation he can do whatever he wants and nobody can stop him no matter if it is right or wrong. The man needs to be stopped, and maybe Patriots owner Robert Kraft, one of the most powerful owners in all of football, can start the movement. Only time will tell.

Now, as much as this stinks I am going to look on the positive side of all this. Let’s start with the fact that aside from the Cowboys in week 5 (the last game of Brady’s 4 game suspension) the schedule is not that challenging. Week 1, the Patriots are facing the Steelers who will not have Le’veon Bell for that game due to a suspension. Week 2, they are in Buffalo which could be challenging but I see them winning that game as well. Then week 3, they face Jacksonville before their bye in week 4. At the very worst, they will go 2-2 which is exactly how they started the 2014 season but they went on to win the Super Bowl as we all know. I know most of you are worried if Jimmy Garoppolo can win them a few games with Tom Brady being sidelined but let’s flashback to week 1 of the 2008 season when Tom Brady suffered that dreaded knee injury that kept him out for the entire season. Matt Cassel took over, who hadn’t started a game since high school, and led the Patriots to an 11-5 record. This time around, Garoppolo and the Patriots have an entire offseason to get ready for Jimmy to be the starter and as we know, there is nobody better at preparation than Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. To conclude this piece, I would like to include the best positive of the whole thing, and that’s the fact that in light of this suspension and how the league has treated the Patriots, they WILL repeat as Super Bowl Champions. Yes I said it, repeat. There is no team who responds to criticism better than the Patriots. They are going to have endless bulletin board material for the entire season. Usually after a team wins the Super Bowl, there is a lack of motivation at the beginning of the season. Not this time. The NFL just lit a fire under their behinds and now, they are going to come out swinging. It’s us against the world Patriots fans, nobody wants to see us win they’re trying to take it away from us. Get behind this team because it will be so much sweeter when we stick it to the rest of the NFL this year when Tom Brady is standing at the podium in San Francisco with his 5th trophy in his hand and surpassing his boyhood idol (Joe Montana) in Tom Brady’s hometown.

One side note for all you cry baby Colt fans out there. You cried in 2004 when the Patriots played too rough when in reality Manning just couldn’t beat Brady in the playoffs, now you are crying about this when you lost to us by 38 points and you are blaming it on the footballs. All I have to say is, I cannot wait until we walk in there week 6 when everyone on our team is going to be gunning for you. “You’re standing on the tracks and the train is coming through.”


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