Difference between TRASH and TREND!


Difference between TRASH and TREND!

*What is trash & what is trend (in Lindsey’s opinion)*

Trash Not necessarily an item someone would throw away but something that could be recycled (donated or sold).

Trend What’s popular, what’s new in fashion.

When you’re done with a certain piece of clothing or accessory the best thing to do is recycle it. Whether it’s donating or selling the clothing because one woman’s trash is another woman’s trend. Most people like to buy pieces that already have a soul anyway. Consignment shopping is like hunting for a buried treasure which is way more interesting than going for the latest trend that everyone is already rockin’. Be different; remember fashion is the way you express yourself.

the ‘denim vest’
Different 80s Trends
The ‘overall’

Throughout the years there’s always new trends- every decade is represented by certain trends. In the 80s every girl looked like they stepped out of a work out video with their spandex, over sized ripped shirt, leg warmers, and trunks that looked like underwear. Don’t forget the perm & sweat band for that sweet 80s ‘do’. In the 90s if you didn’t own a choker or a skort (50% shorts/50%skirt), oh and don’t forget your fanny pack, sorry you weren’t cool. The excessive amounts of denim, including the denim vests, denim jackets, denim hats, and last but not least the high-wasted jeans; was quite overwhelming. You were totally trendy in the 90s if you were rockin’ some backwards clothes and overalls with a scrunchies in your hair or just on your wrist. Get yaself some parachute pants then you were really doin’ it. My ‘personal fave’ models in the 90s(since I’m a 90s baby) were Kate Moss & Jennifer Aniston. Both models represented the 90s trends very well. Once the 2000s came along all the trends from the past came back to haunt us. I’ll never forget what I wore the first day of high school; skinny jeans with a long sweater shirt with a thick waist belt with my hair in a ‘poof’ (the MySpace/Snooki poof)- if you can recall. My mom laughed saying she wished she saved all the clothes she wore when she was my age, not knowing those styles would come back into trend. I feel like now anyone can get away with wearing almost anything- we take trends from the past and put our own futuristic or personal style into it. Everyone should have their own style. BE YOU; screw the naysayers because they don’t mean a thing!