We went around the world wide web to see what folks had to say about Tom Brady’s sack by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals on Deflategate so you won’t have to.


Even in the ATL, the “Free Brady” crowd came back to life Monday night at the Braves-Red Sox game:


Peak Dan Shaughnessy in a spirited take-down of the Patriots in The Boston Globe:

And when caught, they deny, then accuse. They do the deeds of guilty men. Brady destroyed his cellphone on the day he was supposed to speak with Ted Wells. Deflator Jim McNally was prohibited from meeting with Wells after his texts with John Jastremski were uncovered.

Waffling, pathetic Bob Kraft — the man who wants to be loved by his own fans and his fellow NFL owners — arrived at the Super Bowl and demanded an apology. Then he caved at the owners meetings in San Francisco in May. Then he told Patriots fans he made a mistake putting his faith in the league. Then he asked for his draft picks back. Then he said that — Deflategate not included — Goodell is still doing a swell job.



Dave Portnoy of the New York City website BarstoolSports.com took the Court’s decision in stride, playing it right down the middle:

Everybody knows that Roger Goodell is Hitler… everyone knows Roger Goodell’s Hitler made something up out of thin air, there’s zero facts, nothing to back it up. That’s proven.

… I said that if Roger Goodell tries to enforce this punishment, I will physically attack him. Like, I will find him and I will do my best to tackle him, like, I’ll camp out outside NFL headquarters and just sprint and spear him. I’ll do that if they’re gonna try and reinstate these four games.


The New York Post doing New York Post things, focusing on Brady’s clever contract restructuring:

Steve Serby did the honors:

Brady got what he deserved, got what Goodell ruled that he deserved, because the players union collectively bargained away the commissioner’s disciplinary powers, a fact that was apparently lost last September on federal Judge Richard M. Berman, who overturned Goodell’s suspension.

The US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled Monday that Brady’s balls were in Goodell’s court all along.


The Daily News also piled on the Patriots embattled quarterback:


Back closer to home, Ron Borges had the “rights” take in the Boston Herald:

Yesterday’s ruling had nothing to do with footballs, hot air, Ideal Gas Laws, destroyed cellphones or a player’s short-term future. This was about power. Raw, unadulterated, fully labor-negotiated power.

The NFL couldn’t care less how the air got out of those footballs anymore, be it 
ideally or surreptitiously. What this case has long been about is owners’ rights vs. workers’ rights.


That’s just Stephen A being Stephen A:


And Fitzy Being Fitzy:


ICYMI, The Donald made his opening statement on his friend Tom in Warwick, R.I., pandering to the Patriots Faithful:

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker weighed in on the ruling in a Facebook post:

The Appeals Court decision reversing the vacating of Tom Brady’s suspension was not unanimous. Here are the last 2 lines of the dissent: ‘…the Commissioner’s murky explanation of Brady’s discipline undercuts the protections for which the NFLPA bargained on Brady’s, and others, behalf. It is ironic that a process designed to ensure fairness to all players has been used unfairly against one player.’

Sounds about right to me.


Not all so-called conservatives are on Team Brady as a Fox News co-host compared Brady’s imbroglio to Hillary Clinton’s email coverup:

“It sounds familiar,” Andrea Tantaros of “Outnumbered” said of Brady’s decision to destroy a cell phone that may or may not have contained incriminating evidence. “… Brady and Belichick are like the Bill and Hillary of football. I mean, deleting the evidence.”


(Image via Maguire Art Design @MADink401)
(Image via Maguire Art Design @MADink401)

Even Patriots loyalist Mike Reiss of the World Wide Leader admits that Tommy’s in a tough spot now:

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if we eventually hear something like this from Brady:

“As much as I disagree with the court’s decision, how the NFL has handled this, and had nothing to do with any deflation of footballs, I think it’s time to end this unfortunate situation because I don’t want it be a distraction for the team.”


And we close with Colts-friendly columnist Gregg Doyel, who does the expected victory lap in the IndyStar:

This story ends the way it should, with DeflateGate mastermind Tom Brady paying for that with a four-game suspension that will stick to his Hall of Fame resume like a splatter of stink.

So far, nothing but silence from Brady and his handlers on the Court’s decision, but we expect an official Facebook status update any day now.

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