Some thoughts while wishing I were boarding a plane for the Boston baseball-basketball doubleheader in Atlanta.


Don’t look now, but Rick Porcello has been the Red Sox best pitcher this season. The much-maligned righty is 4-0 with a 3.51 ERA after Tuesday night’s shutout victory in Atlanta. What’s most impressive is that opponents are hitting just .200 against Porcello and his WHIP sits at 0.94. The Red Sox need a true No. 2 after David Price and right now Porcello is answering the call.


Speaking of Price, yes, he has been awful so far this season with alarming numbers including a 7.06 ERA with opponents hitting .276 off the star southpaw. But I do not worry about Price. He is too good of a pitcher to keep pitching that badly. Look for the lefty to right himself starting tonight against the Braves anemic lineup.


Marcus Smart is a frustrating player. You can see his talent, especially on the defensive end, but then you get the flopping, poor shooting, and poor decision making. His performance in Game 4 shows why the Celtics drafted him with the sixth pick of the 2014 draft. Smart took over the game in the fourth quarter on both the defensive and offensive ends. Sometimes you forget that Smart is only 22 years old. We need to give him time to grow up.


I love how the Patriots players go to the Celtic games and really get into it. Every time Rob Gronkowski or Bill Belichick is shown on the big board, the crowd goes wild. And look above at how LeGarrette Blount pumps up the Celtic players. It’s great to see.


I know how much the Patriots hate to comment publicly on the comings and goings of the team. But wouldn’t you like to see Belichick or Robert Kraft come out and support Tom Brady in public? If Brady is suspended for the opening game in Arizona, the Patriots should give the NFL a big middle finger. My idea is for every player to wear No. 12 as their jersey number. The league would be pissed and would fine the Patriots a huge number, but it would be worth every dime.


Brad Stevens (AP Photo)
Brad Stevens (AP Photo)

Brad Stevens finished sixth in the NBA coach of the year voting. What a joke. Steve Kerr who missed his team’s first 43 games with health issues was the winner. I would not trade Stevens for any coach in the league. He does a great job communicating and gaining the respect of his players and is a great tactician. The Game 4 move of putting Jonas Jerebko and Evan Turner in the starting lineup worked perfectly. Then the in-game adjustment of putting Smart on Paul Milsap was the game changing decision. Stevens will be one of the Celtics best recruiting assets during free agency this summer


It seems that the “Fire John Farrell” movement has quieted down lately. Every loss is over-analyzed and every one of Farrell’s moves is scrutinized like it was Game 7 of the World Series. Is Farrell a great in-game manager? No, he is not. He never was and he will never be. The Red Sox need to decide if he is their manager long-term regardless. If he is, reward him with a contract. If he is not, Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski should fire him and then hire the person he wants to lead the team.


Curt Schilling (AP File Photo)
Curt Schilling (AP File Photo)

Curt Schilling can’t help himself. He got himself fired from ESPN because of his views on transgender issues being expressed on his alleged private Facebook account, the latest of many social media snafus for Big Schill. I believe in the first amendment and Schilling has the right to say whatever he wants, but he also has to realize that he worked for a large public company that has a policy on what their employees can and can’t say on social media. It’s been a tough post-baseball life for Schilling, as his gaming company went bankrupt, he courageously battled mouth cancer, and now he gets shitcanned by the World Wide Leader. If I were NESN, I would send Jim Rice and Tim Wakefield packing and hire Schilling for their Red Sox pre- and post-game shows.


Boston Celtics' Jared Sullinger (7) grabs a rebound away from Washington Wizards' DeJuan Blair during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Boston Friday, Nov. 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
Boston Celtics’ Jared Sullinger (7) grabs a rebound away from Washington Wizards’ DeJuan Blair during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Boston Friday, Nov. 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

It’s time for the Celtics to say goodbye to Jared Sullinger. He will never be mistaken for Captain America, but it looks like Pablo Sullinger has gained a significant amount of weight during the season. He played poorly the last month of the season and has been awful in the playoffs. Sullinger is a restricted free agent this summer. You would think that in a contract year he would dedicate himself to his profession. Instead, he has taken another step backwards. It’s too bad because he should have been a decent player in Boston. He has great hands and footwork, and a nice offensive game. But Sullinger cannot be relied upon so I would not include him in Danny Ainge’s future plans.


The first round of the NFL Draft is Thursday night. The Patriots must feel like the the kid who has no date to his senior prom. Everywhere you look, there are mock drafts, so-called draft experts talking about who goes where in the first round. Meanwhile — because of Roger Goodell’s draconian penalties — the Patriots don’t pick until No. 60 in the second round. That really sucks.


Watching last night’s Game 7 between the Blues and Blackhawks, I realized how much Bruins fans were cheated out of having a great spring. It’s now becoming a tired cliche that there is nothing like playoff hockey, but it’s true. I am a casual hockey fan but was riveted to that game last night.


As good as Isaiah Thomas was on the court Sunday night, his two young sons, Jaden and James, stole the postgame show. And sorry sour puss media members, but that’s OK.