Twelve thoughts while I wait for the NFL draft to end. Will it ever end?


The Curt Schilling-ESPN war is one thing that will never end. Last week, Schilling called his former employers racists in an interview with Sirius XM Radio. Then on Sunday, ESPN cut Schilling’s epic 2004 ALCS Game 6 bloody sock performance at Yankee Stadium out of the re-airing of the 30 for 30 documentary “Four Days in October,” saying that they needed to shorten the film for timing purposes due to a live broadcast of a college softball game running long.

This did not sit well with Big Schill who dropped the mic on ESPN with the following:

Something tells me Schilling will never let go of being fired by the World Wide Leader and will continue to attack ESPN every chance he gets.


Not only did every Patriots fan love Kevin Faulk wearing Tom Brady’s No. 12 jersey to announce the Patriots second round pick, but Faulk’s former coach also approved.

You can tell Belichick delighted in Faulk sticking it to the NFL and his nemesis The Commissioner.


Speaking Of Roger Goodell, could he be the most hated man in American sports. Goodell was booed every time he showed his face at the draft and even had to use youth football teams as human boo shields. Patriots fans can’t stand the sight of the NFL Commissioner — who is getting banned from Massachusetts restaurants left and right — and now it seems that the Goodell hatred spreads well past Patriot Nation. At least Roger is enjoying his role as villain.


Eliot from Jordan’s Furniture has nothing to worry about. In this year’s promotion, Jordan’s offered free furniture if the Red Sox meet the Yankees in the ALCS. As we all witnessed this weekend, the Yankees suck, they’re just a horrible baseball team. The only way the Bombers see the ALCS in October is sitting on their Jordan’s furniture in their living rooms watching on television.


Still waiting for the Celtics to hit a three pointer. Oh wait, they are eliminated.


Alex Rodriguez had a productive weekend at the plate as he was about the only Yankee to show any signs of life. Maybe it was the way he cleans his bat he must call Woody.


As soon as the NFL draft ends, all the so called experts give teams their draft grades. This could be the dumbest thing that is written or talked about. How the hell can anyone know how any of these draft picks will contribute before they even hit the field for their first practice. Just ignore any of those grades and wait three years before you can really see who should get an A for their draft.

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David Ortiz and Kevin Millar are two of the best guys in sports. And to me this is the best story of the weekend. Big Papi and Millar sent a video message to a five-year old cancer patient known as Maverick before Fridays Red Sox-Yankees game. In the video, Ortiz says he will hit a home run for the brave young boy. And that’s just what Ortiz did hitting a home run. Another reason why we will miss Papi when he is gone.


And the way he is hitting, do you think Ortiz would ever reconsider his retirement at the end of the year? He is the Red Sox best hitter, batting .317 with a whopping OPS of 1.05. Those are great numbers for a player of any age. Maybe, just maybe, Ortiz will come out and say he will play one more year. Hopefully, he can keep the gifts.


I know I wrote last week that I am not worried about David Price, but I lied. I am now concerned about the Sox alleged ace. Yes he is 4-0, but he has an era of 6.14. He has not been able to hold leads and that is a troubling sign. So far, he reminds me more of Dice-K than Pedro.


The New York Daily News disses Red Sox catcher Christian Vazquez as “someone named.” I have the feeling the Yankees and their fans will get to know Vazquez quite a bit on the next few years as becomes one of the best catchers in all of baseball. The Yankees had someone named Aaron Hicks in right field last night. But he went 0-for-3 and is batting .077.


All spring everyone was complaining about how overpaid Rick Porcello is. Well, right now he deserves a raise. He has been the Red Sox best starter with a 5-0 record, 2.76 ERA and opposing batters hitting a mere .200 against him. Not sure how long this will go on, but he has bailed out his team, and his manager, by having such a great start.