Go Behind the Hair with Nurse Fiona

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Boston - Experience, Dirty Water TV

How do you go from drab to glam in just one day? Hair extensions … that’s right, adding a crown of luxuriously long, thick, and lustrous hair was exactly the upgrade that Nurse Fiona needed recently before taping a top secret TV show. in this her latest edition of “Beauty Lives Here” … Nurse Fiona visited Behind the Hair in Watertown to learn how to achieve that glam look. From adding layers to give the illusion of thicker, bouncier hair, to using extensions to add color without damaging you natural locks, there are so many new ways to make your hair look Hollywood ready. At Behind the Hair, they use hand-tied weft hair extensions to protect your hair’s condition while giving a much thicker, healthier and cleaner finish. Once reserved for the Hollywood elite and those with lots of money to spend, hair extensions of all varieties have become equally commonplace among A-listers and everyday folks alike.