Mix 104.1 Morning Host Kennedy Elsey Shares Her Passionate Response to this Controversial Idea!

This morning Mix 104.1 host Kennedy Elsey shared her perspective on Pepsi’s idea to create Doritos for women!  The internet recently went wild – literally – for the idea when it was bantered about by Doritos CEO Ingrid Nooyi.

Here’s Kennedy’s retort.

Kennedy has a response to Lady Doritos

Kennedy has a response to Lady Doritos!

Posted by Mix 104.1 on Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Dear Doritos, Pepsi and Ms Nooyi,

As a woman, I’d like to thank you for realizing that women are different.  We do things differently than men.  For example, we … bear children, nurse them from our bodies, and make less for the same jobs.  That said, thank you for realizing this difference and making a dorito just for us.

Heaven knows we wouldn’t want to attract unwanted attention by making a disturbing crunching sound while enjoying a big ol bag of cool ranch!  How disturbing.  I know that one of the things that keeps me up at night is orange dust-covered fingers and how men might respond when they hear me crunching on chips.  I mean, heaven forbid a man think I actually EAT!  Now I can eat silently and no man will be the wiser, or made to feel uncomfortable by my mastication.

According to Ms Nooyi, CEO of the Doritos parent company (A WOMAN IN CHARGE OF A LOT OF MEN WHO COULD USE HER POSITION TO LIFT US UP) Women don’t like making loud noises when they eat.  Clearly you’ve never heard me down a steak at Del Friscos or eat those pillow like biscuits at Sweet Cheeks – I sound like I’m in the midst of something else entirely,  but I digress.  She also says that the smaller packaging is designed to fit inside a handbag. Well that’s a relief, cause pulling the full size bag out of my hard earned LV never full has been truly embarrassing for me.  I mean, really?  We are all Mary Poppins when it comes to packing necessities into our purses, so thanks for the worry but we will be fine.

She goes on to say that when men eat Doritos, they eat the chips, lick their fingers with glee, and pour out the broken pieces into their mouths.  I can attest this is true as EVERY DAY after the show both Salt and Karson down a couple bags and eat them just as she states.  But shouldn’t it be my right to pour some delicious nacho flavored carbs down my gullet if I feel like it?  And if I do should I give a crap whether or not a man finds it lady-like or not?

If one does a google search for “what women want” the first thing to come up is that awful Mel Gibson movie, but right on it’s heels are things like.. affordable health care, access to contraception, to not be charged more for the same products because they are “pink”,  to not be whistled at walking down the street, and, oh I don’t know … to not make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes… but hey, not making noise when I eat is a close second.

So, Ms Pepsi CEO, I say to you, I say NO to your soundless and clean Lady Doritos, I’ll crunch as loudly as I can and lick my fingers clean like a HUMAN.

Clearly, based on Doritos previous advertising campaigns, women LOVE Doritos just the way they are 😉 … seriously, don’t women always go up to random strangers and lick their faces during an afternoon jog:

That said, Doritos quickly pulled back on the Lady Chips idea with this tweet.

Other ladies who shared Kennedy’s reaction tweeted their thoughts.


We have a hunch Doritos will definitely bag this silly idea. Keep on crunching ladies!

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