Life’s a Masquerade with Dos Equis at Scholars


LIFE’S A MASQUERADE WITH DOS EQUIS & DIRTY WATER TV … Dirty Water TV has your chance to party with the Most Interesting Man In The World next month in New York City. And all you have to do for your chance to win is have a Dos Equis beer with us in Boston next week! That’s, right! Thursday, October 29th from 7-9pm meet us at Sunset Cantina, 916 Commonwealth Avenue in Boston and Friday, October 30th from 9-11pm, we’re hanging with Dos Equis at Kings Boston at 50 Dalton Street in Boston. All you have to do is meet us there on one of those nights to enter to win a trip to NYC to masquerade with Dos Equis. The video above is from our Dos Equis party at Scholars in Downtown Boston last night. So, as you can see, if you have personality and flair for the interesting … you’re probably going to NYC baby.

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