Closing last show, Paul and Tim called for a 6-4 homestand from the Boston Red Sox, instead they gave us a 4-6 homestand that felt more like a 3-10 stretch. For all the positives to start the season – from Travis Shaw and Mookie Betts to Steven Wright and Hanley Ramirez’ defense – an 8-9 record feels like a gut punch thanks to John Farrell’s questionable managing decisions and poor performances from the top of the pitching rotation and back of the bullpen.

Should John Farrell be fired? Can David Price and Craig Kimbrel turn it around? Will Mookie Betts stay hot? and What will “Trader” Dave Dombrowski look to do this season?

All that and more on this week’s edition of Down by the River.

Thanks for listening!

Down by the River Episode No. 4 -– Homestands and Hot Seats