Dr. Sarah 1 on 1 with Country Singer Russell Dickerson!

Dr. Sarah 1 on 1 with Country Singer Russell Dickerson!
Last week I got the huge honor to sit down with country music star Russell Dickerson!  While I was in Nashville last month this star had such a HUGE buzz going on, I just had to meet him!  He’s been killing it on the road and I cannot wait to meet him at CMA Fest next week!  
Dr Sarah: You grew up in Nashville,  is that what inspired you to become a country music artist?

Russell: So I was born in a small town about 3 hours west of here called Union City. So the small town, country music life was definitely a part of my upbringing. But moving to Nashville at such a young age I was very infulenced by all kinds of other music, like rock, pop, and hip hop. Just because it’s Nashville doesnt mean every kid that grows up here listens to country. The country I was raised on was Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw. It was actually a girlfriend I had in college that got me back into Country, and I mean OLD Country. George Jones, Jim Reeves etc. So that season of my life gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation for Country Music.
Dr Sarah: Last summer you released your hit EP Yours & it was hugely successful!  It actually debuted at number 14 on the Billboard Country Album chart.. What did that feel like?

  It must have been surreal!

 Russell: YEAAAAA!!! Honestly when I got the email I was like COOL! But when my manager was freaking out (which never happens) and he was like no bro, this is Billboard… That’s when it hit me like “this is all the big dogs!” And what was even crazier is the ‘Yours EP’ debuted at #1 on the all genre Billboard Heat Seeker chart. #1! I was absolutely blown away. 

Dr Sarah: There is also a wedding version.  Did you know that it was going to be such a big wedding hit as well? 

Russell: Well the fans were what kinda inspired this version. I got so many tweets and posts that said they were using ‘Yours’ for their first dance. So I was like hmmm. what if i made a more chill version that like a bride could walk down the aisle to… So that’s where the wedding edition came from.

Dr Sarah: You have been touring a lot!  Where has been your favorite place to play? 


Russell: ANYWHERE THERES A PLACE PACKED WITH FANS SCREAMING EVERY WORD!!!! Seriously, when I’m on stage I go hard! And when the crowd is giving me all that energy right back it doesnt matter where you are, its just a magical experience. Thats why we do it!

Dr Sarah: Recently you got to play on stage with Thomas Rhett.  What was that like? 

Russell: Um, the best. We are buddies so my wife and I were just going out on the road to hang with him and Lauren. But we were headed to bus call and he txt me “do you have your ears?” (like in-ear monitors) and I was like ummm yea, why? And he was like I want you to come out during my set and play ‘Yours’! So obviously i was stoked! It was an incredible crowd and i was blown away by how many people were singing every word with me! I’ll never forget that moment!

Dr Sarah: Speaking of playing how excited are you to play at CMA Fest in a few weeks? And of course what reporter from Boston are you pumped to meet? 
Russell: 🙋🏼I’m THE MOST pumped to meet the infamous Boston reporter! Haha! But seriously I feel like this year is the first year that I’m like “A CMA Fest artist.” In previous years we’d be like begging for any slot, just like picking up whatever wasn’t already filled… But this year were playing a bigger stage, we’re playing the Walk of Fame Park Stage right in front of the Country Music Hall of Fame.  AAAAAAAAND Since we’ve last spoken I am going to be making my Opry debut Friday June 3rd! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Dr Sarah:  Actually when are you going to play in Boston?!?!  I have a lot of fans asking!!

Russell: ACTUALLY Were playing Mohegan Sun in Uncasville Connecticut! Thats like less than 2 hours! Thats the closest we will be for now. 🙂
Thank you guys for taking the time to get to know me and what I do as an artist. I really appreciate it! SEE YOU AT CMA FEST!!!!