DWN’s Question & Answer Friday with Bill & Tim



Here’s a quick Q&A with Dirty Water News newcomers Billy Cox and Tim McCarthy of Bill & Tim’s Bogus Podcast.  Since they are going to be regularly posting some irregular stuff we figure we better give them a chance to explain themselves to our readership.

Below is an interview:

DIRTY WATER NEWS: So what is a podcast and what is Bill & Tim’s Bogus Podcast all about?

BILLY COX: Podcasts are a modern form of radio shows. The advantage they have over AM/FM radio shows is that they don’t adhere to time slots and you can listen whenever, wherever you want. Especially since you can get us from iTunes onto your phones.

TIM MCCARTHY: The Bill & Tim’s Bogus Podcast is all about good vibes and laughter.  We’ve always enjoyed entertaining people, whether would be our friends or family.  We both enjoy making people laugh, it’s what it’s all about.

DWN: You guys always have a different segment or game, like Plingo. What is Plingo all about?

BC: Tim talks jive so Plingo is where Tim teaches me what all the kids nowadays are saying. Then I try and make a word up to teach the kids something.

 TM: Like most of what we do, it was very impromtu.  My lingo as you will learn, is very diverse from the people I meet and the music I listen to.  I would sometimes drop words in front of Billy and I would always catch him with a bit of a confused look.  Billy is a well-educated man, but he’s definitely the “book smarts” guy out of the two.  So we just decide to run with that and play a little fun game where we shoot words back at one another.  Sometimes they seem legit, and sometimes they’re just made up.  The made up ones are usually the best.

DWN: Why should people listen to you guys?

BC: Is this a trick question?

TM: To be completely honest, I know a lot of people are doing podcasts but I’m not seeing a lot of people do what we do.  Yeah we talk and rant like everyone else.  However, we’re doing skits, various segments.  Heck, we even rapped at the end of an episode.  We’re the best variety show going!

DWN: Do you have any other projects where people can see you at?

BC: I am currently performing improv all over town with my group Eagle, Come! Check us out on facebook for shows.

TM: I’ve been working on this cat puzzle for the past couple months.  I think I’ve lost a few pieces, so it may never be completed.

DWN: Give me one word to describe your co-host?

BC: Tim.

TM: Bodacious.  Bodacious Billy Cox.

DWN: Why is it the “Bogus” podcast?

BC: Tim came up with the name and it’s from the movies, Bill & Ted’s Excellent  / Bogus Adventure. We make a lot of references every episode and it’s fitting that our podcast is a reference.  Simple and effective. We just hope we don’t get sued.

TM: We’re pretty bogus guys.  More me than Billy.  We really didn’t have much planning behind it all.  We just bought some basic equipment, plugged it in, and just record.

DWN: Do you guys actually have as much fun as it sounds like you’re having?

BC: No. That is all canned laughter. But yes. It’s become my favorite time of the week, just bullshitting with Tim.

TM: Of course.  I’ve always looked forward to hanging out with Billy.  I’ve known him for a pretty long time and he still surprises me with the shit he says and does.  You would think we preplanned everything we say on the podcast, but we don’t.  That’s why our reactions sound so real, because they are.

DWN: When you guys aren’t podcasting, what’s your favorite bar in Boston?

BC: Gotta give a Quincy shout-out to the IP. But in town, Mr. Dooley’s is a great spot. The soon-to-open Bostonia is supposed to have some pretty slick and hilarious bartenders too (wink-wink).

TM: I’m not a big, “Going into Boston” type guy.  I’ll go if the place has karaoke, or some dancing.  It’s tough to find a place in Boston to just dance.  It’s really frustrating, I’m trying to get my dance on and every place I go, girls are just trying to grind up on me.

DWN: Got a favorite cocktail?

BC: Ice cold beer. Nothing snooty…plus Twisted Teas, Basil Hayden Old Fashioneds and red wine. Little snooty.

TM: You want to party with me?  Give me a couple Patron & Pineapples and I’ll bring back raising the roof!  Other than that, you can see me now rocking an ice-cold Yuengling.

BC: I have witnessed Tim on the PP Juice. He’s a party starter!

DWN: What’s been your favorite part of recording a podcast so far?

BC: The actual recording is awesome. Hanging with one of my best buds and just laughing my balls off.  People who listen constantly say they crack up half the time just because we are losing our shit.

TM: The Baker Eats segment has obviously been both our favorite segment, but for me?  Just being able to record with such a hilarious guy like Billy.  I wouldn’t be able to do something like this by myself.  He’s a good tag team partner.  I’m cool with being the Scottie Pippen on this podcast.  Scottie Pippen was still a Hall of Famer.

BC: I’m not sure who he’s referencing… (laughs). No but Tim is so much more than a Pippen to my Jordan. I like to call us Dutch and Dylan from Predator. Two bad ass dudes. But less bad ass and more bogus. I wonder what their podcast would be like?

TM: The Predator Podcast? That would just be explosion after explosion! (laughing) Then at the end he’d go BILLLYYY!

DWN: What should our readers and your listeners expect from you two in the future?

BC: More.

TM: Expect a lot better quality in our podcast.  More segments, more laughs.  Just expect us to be everywhere and anywhere.

You can catch new episodes at their website below or subscribe on iTunes and download these two right onto your handheld devices.  Bill & Tim would like to suggest you pair them with a long commute or mindless tasks at work.

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