With news of yet another nor’easter approaching, it definitely feels as though we are trapped in a never-ending winter. As much as I’d love to be transitioning into flowy tops and shorts, it does not seem like that will be happening anytime soon. But I definitely am tired of thick, wooly, sweaters, and drab colors. Thank god someone created layering, so we can bring in some of our favorite spring looks while still staying warm and cozy. Here are some layering formulas that definitely add up to cute outfits, that can be modified for any style.

Long Sleeve Top + Sweater

This combination will let your favorite tops peek out from underneath a warmer layer, helping you to create different looks, with the same staple sweater overtop. For a preppy look, take a collared shirt and layer it underneath a fitted sweater. If you’re hoping for a more boho-inspired look, you can layer a flowy top underneath a looser cropped sweater. The cropped sweater will help to show off a flowy top without making the look too bulky.

Colorful Jacket + Sleek Turtleneck

A colorful jacket provides all the warmth needed to get through this nor’easter, while still remaining bright and fun. The turtleneck will help you to stay bundled up and will keep the whole outfit looking put together.

Hoodie + Leather Jacket

This look is taken directly from Kendall Jenner’s book. Hoodies can be cozy and warm but aren’t always the most fashionable. However, pairing them with a cute leather jacket adds extra warmth, and suddenly turns your favorite hoodie into a chic new outfit.

Hopefully, these will help you get through what is hopefully the final nor’easter of the season. As cute as these outfit ideas are… I’m ready to bring out my skirts and rompers.

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