Fans in Montreal gathered early for David Ortiz' 'Au Revoir" parade.

Big Papi really is Big Time.

Dirty Water Sports has learned that Canadian Prime Minister — and America’s Hat Heartthrob — Justin Trudeau will ride on one of the Duck Boats along with retiring Red Sox superstar David Ortiz when Montreal honors No. 34 with “Papi’s Au Revoir Rolling Rally” starting at noon on Friday.

“Even though David [Ortiz] never played against the Expos, I watched him play with the Twins when I was in my 20’s,” Trudeau said according to a well-placed source. “My friends and I would often make the 17-hour drive from Ottawa to Minneapolis back in the late ’90’s just hoping Big Papi would be in the Twins lineup.”

Justin Trudeau, David Ortiz (AP File Photos)
Justin Trudeau, David Ortiz (AP File Photos)

Four of the replica World War II amphibious DUKW vehicles from Boston Duck Tours made the trip from Boston to Montreal to parade Papi and his posse down St. Catherine Street to the Old Port, down to Clock Tower Pier, and into the St. Lawrence River for a brief ride in the waterway surrounding downtown Montreal. The Duck Boats are not expected to enter the Lachine Rapids, but with Papi calling the shots, you never know.

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre is expected to present Ortiz with a key to the city… along with a lifetime pass to the gentleman’s club Chez Parée.

Dirty Water Sports will be at the Ortiz rally, proving live video from the scene on the streets as Montreal says its final goodbye to the Red Sox designated hitter.

Thursday in Fort Myers, Ortiz channeled his inner Ted Williams as he homered in his last at-bat ever in Florida in front of the adoring Twins fans at Hammond Stadium but the Red Sox lost the final Grapefruit League game of the spring, 7-4.

The Red Sox will play the Toronto Blue Jays at Olympic Stadium in Montreal Friday night at 7:05 p.m. and again on Saturday at 1:05 p.m. before heading to Cleveland to open the season against the Indians Monday afternoon.