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Did you know that the first woman’s fitness sneaker was the Reebok Freestyle Hi that came onto the market not too long ago in 1982? Reebok has a rich heritage rooted in fitness; it’s the brands vision to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. To me comfort and style is very important especially being from Boston where you always need comfort in this cold weather. Most people had some type of doubt toward women and their ability to stay fit. Playing sports my whole life I always realized how women get the ‘shit end of the stick;’ being that the girls teams always got the worst ice times, and treated unfair by the boys teams. With that, along with the fashion sense in me, fitness and fashion should be combined for women around the world. The fitness world for us has taken off in the past few decades. There are many different brands that’ve focused on women’s fashion. For example the latest fitness-chic brands like; Lulu Lemon, New Balance (Heidi Klum has collaborated with NB; “HKNB”), Nike, Fabletics (Kate Hudson’s new fitness gear line), Reebok, Adidas, etc. Heidi’s HKNB collection takes you from the studio to the street with runway inspired styling with work-out ready technology. Kate Hudson co-founded her fitness line Fabletics with JustFab online in 2013; Kate’s goal is to create affordable products for women of all body types and lifestyles. Can’t forget my all-time favorite, Converse, for always including women in their sneaker and apparel collections. All of these brands have recognized the importance of women staying fit, yet trendy. Speaking of women in the fitness department – my good friend Silvia Milcheva Mihaylova, has been working hard on the opening of her fitness studio in the south end of Boston on Tremont Street called “SWET.” Check out her website for the low down on the most fun ways to become fit, stay social, and experience the hottest dance and fitness classes in the area. Photos and events for SWET will be coming soon. Wear what you’re most comfortable in women! Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful, get up and get ‘em, looking good and feeling good about yourself is the best medicine. Look like a beauty, train like a beast.