Okay yeah yeah the all-star game was great, the game was close the whole time, we got to see Kyrie show off some new moves and it far more competitive than recent years. Up until the National Anthem, I was mostly thinking about whether or not the Celtics would be able to regain their momentum after the All-Star break. And then something far more important entered my brain via my ears. Fergie, I love you, I really do, but what are you doing? I’m not usually one to take a knee during the National Anthem but that sure made me do it. Basically what we heard come from her mouth was a remix of the National Anthem that some SoundCloud addict created on his Dell. It was the most annoying formation of syllables that had ever pierced my ears. It was the equivalent of hearing Ms. Jackson by Outkast except instead of saying “Jackson” they said “Johnson”. Worse than scraping on a chalkboard, an electric drill, a baby crying and Donald Trump saying “bad hombres”.

For all, we know this is a ploy by the NFL Player’s Association. These guys caught so much criticism for protesting that I would not be the least bit shocked if they decided to fire back via Fergie and the NBA. These guys easily could have paid off Fergie to ruin the National Anthem. That right there is the only possible explanation I have for her blasphemous performance. When you go to a Kanye concert you want to hear “All of the Lights” not some bogus remix featuring fucking Desiigner. Jesus Christ Fergie the National Anthem has been sung ONE way for fucking years, no one has ever changed it, tried to change it, or even had the thought that changing it would be a good idea. Then to top it all off, after the worst goddamn performance in history, she has the audacity to scream “Let’s play some basketball!” into the microphone. How does one sing so poorly and then not walk off in shame? Like this lady actually thought what she just did was good. That is the definition of narcissism. Shame on you Fergie, shame on you. NEVER, EVER, sing the National Anthem again.

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Matthew Gentile is a 19-year-old Marketing major at Providence College who been an avid Boston sports fan his entire life. Growing up in North Reading, Massachusetts, about 20 minutes from Boston, Matt has been watching the Boston Celtics since the ‘07-’08 season. Matt fell in love with the Celtics and specifically Paul Pierce, one of his heroes. He watches just about every Boston Celtics game throughout the 82-game season and researches statistics and player information on the daily. He is also passionate about music, movies, writing and the New England Patriots. Matt enjoys playing basketball, old school video games and having a strong social life in his free time. Matt loves Boston as much as anyone.