Film maker Johnny Hickey on his new psychological horror film “Habit”.


This year film maker Johnny Hickey wrapped principle photography on his new psychological horror film “Habit”.  Starring a fist full of personalities from Boston  including MTV all-star and Challenge champ Chris Tamburello aka “CT”, who’s tv show the “Challenge Dirty 30” is aired every Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

The film “Habit” marks the 2nd directorial debut for Johnny Hickey, whose first film Oxy-Morons can be viewed via Xfinity Comcast Indemand (nation wide). The movie also stars Stanley Bruno aka “Stiz Grimey”, whom with inspiration from his role in the film comes a new single eerie titled “Thorazine Shuffle”, along with an even more twisted video also directed by Hickey.

Truly some deranged content just in time for Halloween: