FORM 2014 – MassART Senior Fashion Show

Design by Vessela Yordanova

MassART truly is brewing some of the best new talent in fashion! The flawless execution of the show & the quality of the designs was an absolutely perfect marriage that came together Tuesday night at the Pozen Center.

It was a FREE show that was run, planned, marketed and produced by the 2014 graduating class of Fashion Design majors at MassART. I learned from senior, Tory Leslie that it was a team effort, where everyone was divided into committees to complete different facets of the show; she was in charge of acquiring the models.

This show follows the large production that was done at The Castle at Park Plaza just a few days earlier. Quite frankly, the seniors just did it better. They had a better lighting team, better models, better make-up on the models, better hair… just better EVERYTHING, which is really a shame because The Castle is truly an amazing venue.

They had a reception prior to the show where patrons were treated to appetizers, beer and wine; however, I think the reception was a little bit understaffed as the beer & wine line was a long wait for anyone who wanted a drink from the one table serving alcohol. Nevertheless, great touch by the seniors to incentivize the guests with a FREE show and everyone’s favorite… FREE FOOD!

I loved the collaboration that was executed by the seniors and I also didn’t realize that not all seniors get to showcase at The Castle.  The camaraderie and heart was definitely present in this show, especially knowing that every single graduating senior gets to express his/her self at this show.

The show in itself moved swiftly given that they showcased 100+ designs throughout the evening. The models overall did their part to highlight the designer’s creation. Not all the designs are personally to my liking but they were all well done, complete and finished. Even from a distance you could tell that it was quality work.

Click the link here to see more photos.

So where do we go from here? Its May the seniors are going to more than likely run to NY, London and LA as fast possible after they grab their diploma. What does it leave us with?

Fashion will continue to bend and break the “rules”, the world will always look for the next Versace, CHANEL, Tommy Hilfiger and so forth. As corny as it may seem, someone in this graduating class is really going to make big break in the scene. I could see a lot of those pieces in department stores & fashion boutiques and they can definitely keep up with some of the best out there.

Nevertheless, MassART will continue to send off amazingly talent senior classes every year just like the Class of 2014. I look forward to see what the future brings for the young talent and I am excited for them.

Congrats to them for putting on an amazing show and congrats on completing their studies at MassART.


Seniors take a stroll on the runway at the completion of the show


Images by Tony Hyppolite