Friends win 50/50 Raffle 28k at Fenway!


HigsTwo of my great friends went to Fenway to catch game 1 of “The World Series”… John Higgins owner of Higs Tickets  and Matt Robitaille owner of The Bustonian. They entered the 50/50 raffle at Fenway and Won!!! Check out John Higgins facebook post “World Series Game 1 and WE bought the winning 50/50 raffle ticket—-BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS $28,000!!!!”

These guys are great guys and i’m very jealous As i probably would have been there right beside them, if i had gone to the game. I always get my tickets from Higs Tickets and Matt is a great dude also. ( I love his wife jennifer also, but please don’t tell him)

Cheers to good friends – when are we going to Vegas boys? Bar and Nightclub Convention? I know Russ and Eddie are in from The Brahmin…


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