Frost Ice Loft Redux


Frost Ice Loft is ready to chill out this winter … and in case being colder than you already were doesn’t interest you, they’ve recently opened a new – warm – event space overlooking Faneuil Hall.

Frost Ice Loft houses New England’s only permanent indoor bar designed and furnished entirely of ice.  Maintained at a brisk twenty one degrees, guests of all ages can enjoy a chillingly unique experience within the dramatic, artfully sculpted lounge.  Frost recently announced the arrival of Boston’s newest downtown event space – The Gallery – a room-temperature, 130 person capacity event space that is also home  for the arts overlooking Faneuil Hall.

The new event space is part of an all new reintroduction of the Frost Brand to Boston.  The Gallery will reside under the same roof as New England’s only permanent indoor ice bar.  In addition to the unveiling of The Gallery, Frost has undergone a complete product and service offering transformation.

In additional to an all-new menu, the new Frost Ice Loft features a variety of seasonally themed ice sculpture exhibits inside the bar.  From super heroes to abstract pieces, Frost Ice Loft always has exquisite ice sculptures on display.

Despite the rather chilly reception that you always get here at Frost Ice Loft, this venue continues to be one of the hottest destination bars in Boston.  Tourists and locals alike love Frost Ice Loft ensuring that when in Boston … it’s good to be a little frosty.