Garoppolo Will Never Succeed as Patriots Starting QB

<> of the New England Patriots of the Buffalo Bills at Gillette Stadium on December 28, 2014 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Garoppolo Will Never Succeed as Patriots Starting QB

Written By: Tom Rowe

Until a settlement is agreed upon or a court of Law rules in favor of Tom Brady playing Week 1, Jimmy Garoppolo will be the center piece of the offense for the next few weeks. The Patriots 2nd round draft pick in 2014 has been talked about by fans as the “second coming” for the days after Tom Brady hangs he’s pads up and it cannot be more of an overrated thought by the loyal, yet wild thinking, fan base. The thoughts of Garoppolo becoming the Patriots starter has come to the minds of media members also, as you can remember back in the Monday Night lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, reports asked Coach Belichick many times if Brady would lose his job to Garoppolo who scored the team’s only offensive touchdown…against the third string defense against the Chiefs. Looking back at his college days and analyzing his intangibles, skills, and talent I am convinced he will never start a game at quarterback for the Patriots, outside of the Brady suspension, and be successful.


First off, the kid is overly confident in his skill set, but yet cannot make huge steps in his progress in this years training camp. His one fault is his decision making efficiency, the young QB has made a variety of mistakes in placing the ball with his receivers, which was the same issue his rookie season, and responding well under pressure. He has thrown a number of interceptions against the Patriots practice squad bond players and cannot adjust himself in situations that Tom Brady has made look easy over the years, like when reading a defense’s movements to know what is occurring on the play and what audibles to call in a counter call.

He’s hesitant behavior when making a throw is also very concerning, which affects his confidence to throw the ball more often than handing it off. He is sluggish to release the ball as well, in practice the defensive schemes have been baring down on the young player and affecting his control and follow of the offense. The timing and speed of the game seems to be slowly, but effectively, getting to Garoppolo. With all these flaws showing against the Patriots’ soft first string group, the second string depth, and practice squad scrubs, how can Patriot fans truly say he will be able to win games against defenses like the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are young, quick and athletic on defending the pass, or the Buffalo Bills’ strong and physical pass rushing. Even the Dallas Cowboys and Jacksonville Jaguars, who were ranked average or below average in over team defense last season, are skilled and experienced enough to turn Garoppolo’s flaws into L’s for the Patriots 2015 campaign.


There is more of an assessment to know what he will become than actually game time, which is unfair when making an evaluation, but its enough for this writer. Jimmy Garoppolo will never be a successful starter for the New England Patriots, if anything, he is the bridge player between Tom Brady and the next TRUE franchise quarterback for the 4 time Champions. Until significant progression is shown, I am convinced his slow read time and reaction time are too real of flaws to make him the Heir Apparent to Tom Brady.

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