Tossing a few ideas out there for you to chew on.

The majority of these picks are fade options, don’t throw them all in one lineup. Picks will work best in lineups coupled with a few of the higher-end guys. When playing Guaranteed Prize Pools like the Millionaire Maker you should always try do is try to differentiate yourself as much as possible. That’s why such an emphasis is put on ownership and opportunities to fade ownership when lineup building.

Key Notes

• Highest point total on board is Oakland at New Orleans with an over-under of (52)
• Second highest point total is Detroit at Indianapolis (50.5)
• Third is Green Bay at Jacksonville (48)
• Highest point differential on the board is in the Seattle-Miami game. Seattle is giving 10.5 points to the Dolphins who will be coming across country to play in the Pacific Northwest.



Andrew Luck (8,300) — Going up against two million other entries you’re going to need a little Luck this week if you’re trying to take down the Millionaire Maker. With the season that Luck had last year, a lot of people will be hesitant to pull the trigger on him. Luck happens to be in the second highest totaled game this week, and I expect him to finish as a Top 2 QB this week along with Russell Wilson.

Tyrod Taylor (6,900) — Interesting narrative in this game as Tyrod Taylor used to be Joe Flacco’s backup. Last season Taylor was a great bargain in terms of his DFS price tag. Baltimore had the 27th ranked pass defense last year and hasn’t done much to sure up their secondary.

Jameis Winston (6,600) — Dak Prescott, is going to be the highest owned player on the board due to price at 5 grand and the fact that the Giants were ranked last in the league last year against the pass. This for me creates a great fade opportunity. Many will lean towards Mariota as a fade, but I fear he will also be very highly owned because of Delanie Walker and Tajae Sharpe’s ownership. That brings me to Jameis, who is in an up-tempo game in a dome, which should afford him the opportunity to put numbers up comparable to Dak.

Wide Receivers

Sammy Watkins (6,900) — Due to salary structure this week you can fit a lot of different guys into your lineup especially high end guys. There is a way that you can get Julio, Odell, and Antonio Brown all into your lineup. To do this you would also have to have a lineup that includes Dak Prescott, Spencer Ware, Tajae Sharpe. Right off the bat in a pool this big, I’m staying away from the majority of those guys because their ownership is going to be extremely high. That brings me to Watkins. Located right below Amari Cooper who will likely be the second highest owned receiver on the board. A lot of people think the Ravens D is better than they actually are, and will be afraid to play Sammy who could easily go for a hundred yards and two scores.

Doug Baldwin (6,600) — This is a bad matchup for Byron Maxwell who struggles to cover short shifty receivers like Baldwin. Maxwell was one of the worst cornerbacks in the league according to Pro Football Focus. Baldwin had games of 29, 41, 32, 20 and 28 at home last year. With Marshawn Lynch retired, Baldwin will be a key cog in Seattle’s transition to being a more pass oriented team.

Jarvis Landry (6,000) — 6,000 is not in the least bit low, but Landry should be extremely low in terms of ownership. People will stay away from Landry because of Richard Sherman, Seattle’s defensive reputation, and Tajae Sharpe. Sharpe’s ownership at a 3,000 price tag is going to be extremely high. I love Landry in this spot because he’s a great possession receiver, going against a zone defense. Through two years in the league Landry has more catches than any other receiver in the history of the NFL in that time span. With the Dolphins likely be playing from behind, I could easily see Landry eclipsing the ten catch mark in this game.

Running back

Mark Ingram — Raiders-Saints obviously has the highest point total on the board, but Sean Payton will try to slow this game down as much as possible due to the fact that he has two new starters in Colby Fleener and Michael Thomas; the beneficiary of that should be Ingram.

Arian Foster (5,800) — Need a Spencer Ware Fade?… A lot of people will be off Foster this week, due to Seattle’s great run defense, which was the best in the league last year. Foster’s value should come in the passing game where he will likely be relied on as a check down option for Ryan Tannehill. Seattle has also had some changes on the defensive line so if Foster gets 80 yards and a score on the ground it wouldn’t surprise me.

Giovani Bernard (4,800) — Bernard is right in Spencer Ware’s price range at 4,800 pretty much guarantees low ownership. Also Tyler Eifert is out so Andy Dalton won’t have his usual binky to help him out when the Jets blitz, which they do pretty frequently. This just means more opportunity for Bernard and opportunity is all we can ask for.

Tight Ends

Delanie Walker (4,500) — He will probably be the highest owned tight end due to his price point. At (4,500) he’s a bargain at a relatively weak position.

Jason Witten (4,100) — Traditionally plays well versus the Giants, little long in the tooth, but makes for a good play when everyone will be looking at Dez, Zeke, and Terrance Williams.

Dwayne Allen (3,200) — Allen will make for a great pivot play this weekend. Starting tight end in the second highest totaled game this week. Hasn’t played all preseason, but has familiarity with Andrew Luck. Don’t be surprised if Luck looks his way in close.


Cardinals (3,500) — When looking to the higher defenses a lot of people will be inclined to take Seattle with Miami coming all the way across the country and that spread, but Miami will run the ball well Sunday. James White ownership will also affect this choice White won’t see enough off the field to 4X his point total. The Patriots will run a lot of two tight end sets in an attempt to slow the game down and Legarrette Blount sees the majority of carries in those packages.

Packers (2,800) — This should be a very high scoring game however in the case of Blake Bortles the more her throws the more opportunities there are for a pick and or a defensive touchdown the packers defense should easily 4x they’re (2,800) price tag in this game.

Browns (2,300) — Carson Wentz rookie quarterback starting very little preseason work. Browns D isn’t anything to write home about but they should easily 4x their salary.


• Colts
• Seattle
• Bills

Other Players:
Julian Edelman, Michael Flloyd, Will Tye, Frank Gore, James White, Legarette Blount

Cash Games:
Dak Prescott, Spencer Ware, Antonio Browns, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Tajae Sharpe, Browns, Packers.