OK, I admit it. I am jealous. I have read all the tweets, looked at all the pictures, and have watched all the videos.

I wish I had gone on the Gronk Cruise.

When I first heard about last fall, I thought it was some kind of a joke. Gronk would be sequestered with his inner circle in the VIP area of the ship while a bunch of liquored-up fanboys would be puking up cheap booze as the ship headed off to Gronk Island in the Bahamas.

But I was wrong. The Gronk cruise looked like a blast. And Rob Gronkowski the king of all party boys was in the middle of everything.

Christopher Muther and James Reed from the Boston Globe were on the ship and said the 700 people on board had a great time.

“Am I having a good time? Oh my God, yes! Although I kind of don’t remember last night. I might have blacked out,” said a Framingham woman who identified herself as “There’s absolutely no way I’m telling you my name.”

The Gronk guests were on board to enjoy music, dancing, the sun and plenty of drinks. And in the middle of it all was the best tight end in the history of the game. Gronk partied and danced, of course with his shirt off. If you had that body would you keep your shirt on?

How crazy did it get? At one point Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated tweeted that Gronk took to the microphone and offered a couple $10,000 if they would bang each other in front of the crowd. There were no takers on Gronk’s offer.

When I come back in my next life I want to be Gronk. He’s the best. On the field, there is no one better. He takes his job seriously and is the best at what he does. Off the field he is just a big kid who loves to have fun. And believe it or not, he is responsible about it.

You never hear stories of Gronk driving drunk or getting into any off-field trouble. People tell me he has built a nightclub in his house where he and his friends can party and not be worried about having cameras in their faces and reading about their hi-jinks all over social media.

Hey #PatsNation we hope your saturday is as fun as #GRONK’s saturday on his cruise! 😂🙌

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The Gronk Cruise is just another example of our favorite tight end having a blast and making a buck or two while he is at it.

Sign me up for next year’s cruise!