The Patriots can forget about getting their draft picks back.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at a press conference on Wednesday in Boca Raton, Florida, confirmed that he received a letter from Patriots owner Robert Kraft a few weeks back and responded back two weeks ago, saying there was “no new information” put forth and that there will be no changes to the discipline for the team’s Deflategate offenses.

“There’ll be no changes to the discipline,” Goodell confirmed.

That means the Patriots have definitively lost their first round pick for this year and the fourth round pick in the 2017 draft.

Goodell was also asked about rumors of possible settlement talks with Tom Brady regarding reducing TB12’s four-game suspension that is currently being decided in the courts. “I’m not aware of that,” was Goodell’s answer.

So it looks as though Goodell and then 31 other NFL owners have dug in their heels and want to stick it to the Patriots.

At least we won’t have to endure any more updates on The Wells Report In Context.