Gronk Once Earned ‘Like $25 Bucks’ Working As Male Stripper


Just call him Magic Gronk.

Wild and crazy guy Rob Gronkowski Tuesday night appeared on “Conan” and shared a few stories from his party animal days at the University of Arizona.

The most interesting throwback tale takes us back to the time when Gronk was “working” security at a bachelorette party when next thing you know, he’s working the room as a male stripper along with his buddy the “cowboy” who was known to take down $100’s for these stripping gigs.  Gronk eventually ended up stripping down to his boxers, and giving lap dancing to the lucky ladies.

“I was security and then every lady there was giving me shots,” Gronk told Conan. “They were making me drink their beers, so I was … participating. I was getting wasted on the side.”

The only surprise in the story was that it wasn’t exactly a big payday for the G.O.A.T. tight end.

“I made like $25,” Gronkowski said.

Gronk also tipped us off to the fact that the hot tub he purchased with his bro and bros back in college was a “great, great investment.” Wink, wink.

Last year in Phoenix during Super Bowl week on “Conan,” Gronk battled it out with Marshawn Lych in a memorable “Mortal Kombat X” battle:

With the Patriots on the sideline this time around, Gronk is picking the Pathers to top the Broncos on Sunday.

No doubt more Gronky madness will ensue on the upcoming party cruise with the Bro Horsemen to Gronk’s Party Ship that hits the ocean in Miami on Feb. 19 to a private island in the Bahamas where you’ll get to “party with the big dogs” for the bargain price of $675, a far cry from the $25 Gronk raked in during his glory days.