Halloween RetoX….

Johnny Dangerously Hickey & Devin Hill "Substance"
Johnny Dangerously Hickey & Devin Hill "Substance"
Johnny Dangerously Hickey & Devin Hill “Substance”

Last Halloween … I recapped pre and post nights where everything was going on from the Red Sox taken the World Series, Obama stopping in and Drake was performing at the Garden….. Halloween is always epic in Boston as we know. This year I flipped the scripted and Halloween 2014 Johnny Dangerously Hickey came back from the Twilight Zone. I was scheduled to do my weekly Retox show at The Greatest Bar in Boston …. but that wasn’t the place for me that night ..Greatest Bar pulled off a nasty night of 4 floored costume freaks without my appearance.

Everyone knows me for my award winning cult film www.oxymoronsmovie.com …. in my eyes you’re only as good as your next project…. coming off a heinous 8 month break up with my girl friend, the devil in my head wanted me to sulk back in bloody heart break chewing on Xanax and erasing my polluted mind of losing someone I truly loved “wahh, wahh, wahh” NOPE! time to go Johnny go….
I reached out to all the people in my world to back and support my creative brew of the new “film” coming at ya like a bag of hand grenades : “SUBSTANCE” the story of the next up and coming D.J. who stumbles upon a bad dose of “Molly” the drug that looks pretty makes you so, so good, but she’ been around for awhile she dilutes your happiness and finds my character in psychological thriller of EDM fueled night life in the melted brain of a bunk molly polluted world falling for bad choices in purgatory *Inception, meets Jacobs Ladder, meets Fight Club and splash it down with sound waves from our own – Greg Gatsby, Richard Fraioli, Art Beatz where the D.J. loses his edge to be at Morgan Page level dreams that become a nightmare walking.

With the solid help of Wai Kru MMA Gym the gladiator dungeon that my homie “John Doomsday Howard” climbs out of, me and a massive squad to me tagged bellow mushed 200 make up masked heads into the gym we turned into a dark unground rave scene and snapped up a sizzle real that’s going to creep on ya like “People Under The Stairs”. Greg Gatsby pumped sounds from the cage and we covered the all-nighter(s) in over 10 pounds of blood.

The pieces are falling into place .. and “Substance” is gonna be something above and beyond Legit I’m so motivated and excited for this Film…. thank you to my crew and genuine believers and supporters in Johnny Dangerously: SJ (Dirty Water News), Chris Angel, Devin Hill, Attention Deficit, John Howard, Dave Larken, Keith Shaffer, Pat Murray, Danni Hannon, Richard Fraioli, Art Esa, Greg Avila, Ashwin Jacob, Pauline Marie, John Allen, T.J. Green Scott Michelson , Mike Kahlil, Paul Buhl you all know who

you are as we keep on moving….. see you on set!!!!!! ping’pang