Those Touch Of Gray hair product commercials are always hilarious when they say the old men have experience yet are still full of life. Tom Brady has experience and is very full of life on the football field but the last product he needs is touch of grey. He has his unique workout method to thank for him aging like a fine Italian wine.

Whatever people want to say about Brady’s new book about maintaining peak performance, it has done something magical to the 40-year-old quarterback. After a rocky performance against the Kansas City Chiefs to open the season, Patriots fans and others have seen the best Tom Brady to step on a football field in the NFL. Two straight victories and eight touchdowns later, Brady is no longer the quarterback in decline, but the old man with all the answers.

Some football fans or analysts may be inclined to write off the performance against the New Orleans Saints because they are a young defense that will be one of the five worst in the league, but the spectacular quarterbacking against the Houston Texans was vintage Brady. Now all Trent Dilfer, Mark Brunell and Bill Polian can do is watch a living legend perform at his highest level yet.

Brady finished 25-for-35 for 378 yards with five touchdowns in a solid comeback win in the Superdome. That was Brady’s 40th comeback victory in the fourth quarter, which is the second most all time. The most impressive part of this victory was that he was pressured all game, sacked five times and hit nine other times, but still was efficient and didn’t make any catastrophic mistakes. He only made this game winning throw which was one of his bests ever.

The blueprint to beat Brady and the Patriots offense is to pressure him up the middle with only four rushers and attempt to make him uncomfortable in the pocket. Jadeveon Clowney, J.J. Watt and Whitney Mercilus were excellent in executing that game plan but it’s useless to rattle Brady anymore. He is a stone cold killer and even made that gorgeous touchdown throw to Brandin Cooks with Clowney sitting in his lap.

Brady has been on record saying he has all the answers to the test that is playing quarterback in the NFL. It is by far the hardest position to play in all of sports and NFL franchises are successful only if their QB is successful. The Patriots would have never had this unprecedented success without head coach Bill Belichick, but Brady makes the wheels turn and is a strong leader in the locker room. Every time he steps on the field now, he knows exactly what play to call, what the defensive formation is and how to attack it. That’s the issue defensive coordinators run into when opposing Brady; they cannot fool this man. He has put in his 10,000 hours in the film room and is more prepared to shred defenses than any quarterback before him. Is it really better to have Brady as your quarterback right now or have Jameis Winston for the next decade with many bumps along the way? It’s a tough choice but Brady is the correct answer because he will ace the QB test every time and not make the crippling mistake that brings his entire team down with him.

Since Brady is playing at such a high level right now and has shown no signs of slowing down, this may be the new trend in the NFL; getting old, healthy quarterbacks who are experts at the game of football. This process starts with replicating the health that Brady has had for the last 17 years. A QB can only pick apart a defense on the field and master the quarterback position by being a starter for close to two decades. Quarterbacks may start to try and become more pliable, practice a strict diet and breathe football but Brady may be some sort of demi-god and his longevity may never be replicated. Brady’s arm has never had more zip than it does this season and with all those athletic weapons, look out NFL MVP.

Whatever happens in the future with older quarterbacks, Brady is the golden boy, the cheat code, and THE singular GOAT when discussing football. What he has accomplished may never be repeated and a 40-year-old QB may never compete at such a high level ever again in the history of the NFL. The NFL is a copycat league and teams would be prudent in trying to find an older quarterback who is just as much of a freak about football as Tom Brady. And don’t say Brady is a cheater, that man put in more work than anyone to reach the pinnacle of his sport. His 40’s may be his best years with all the answers to the game of football in his beautiful mind.