Heineken Light Party at Local 02045


Local 02045 is a 250-seat restaurant located in Sunset Bay Marina in Hull. After several previous owners, in 2017 this prime waterfront location was taken over by Will O’Connell who had a vision to make this spot classic Hull! Right down to its name, Local 02045 is a proud member of the Hull community. From the menu, to the staff, to the color scheme … this new venue has a laser sharp focus on local residents and their desire to enjoy a quality location, with great food and drink, and awesome entertainment, and the simple opportunity to have fun within their own community. That being said, Local 02045 also welcomes everyone across the South Shore and beyond! Diners and boaters alike are welcomed to enjoy the new menu, amazing views, and spectacular sunsets … and, or course, a few ice cold Heineken Lights after pulling up in the Heineken boat! Sail away to Local 02045 with Dirty Water Media’s Zoe Bucuvalas!