Help end marijuana prohibition


Your 4/20 obligation

Help end marijuana prohibitionArizona-Marijuana-Legalization-20161

This is a day that is special to people who would like to see an end to marijuana prohibition. Assuming you fall in that group, we hope that you will do something to help us reach that goal in Maine. If you really want to live in a state where people are not punished for using marijuana, we need you to help build support for our campaign.

We are not asking for money. We are just asking you to tell a few friends and family members about the campaign.

The success of our campaign to regulate marijuana like alcohol will be based in part on whether our supporters reach out to other friends and family members to tell them why they should vote for the initiative when it is on the ballot this November. So we need a strong base of supporters to do that kind of outreach. That’s why we need your help.

Here are two very simple things you can do:

1. Forward this email to anyone in the state whom you know is supportive of making marijuana legal. Then, they can use this link to sign up for alerts on the campaign’s web site.

2. Click here to share a link to our website on Facebook. Be sure to post why you support making marijuana legal in Maine.

Thanks for appropriately honoring this day by helping to end marijuana prohibition!

Disclaimer: This is not the necessarily opinion of Dirty Water Media – we are just sharing information!