Hey Bartender! Martha’s Vineyard – Mark from Lola’s


Hey Bartender! Martha’s Vineyard – Mark from Lola’s

The Cajun Seafood Cuisine of Lola’s will draw you in but the company of the
staff will make you stay. Through the dining room, and into the bar, colorful candles
bounce light off a New Orleans nightlife themed Mural. Music hums on the
speakers, as the bartender, Mark, converses with the bar’s patrons. Mark has been
a bartender at Lola’s during the summer months for more than a decade. Born
and raised on the east coast, Mark has spent many summers here on the Vineyard.
How long have you been bartending on the Vineyard?
MF: I have been at Lola’s seasonally since about 2004. I once tried living on
the Vineyard for a whole year, it just wasn’t for me. During the winters I like to go
to Florida or Colorado.
What is your Favorite Drink to Make?
MF: Water. Just kidding! Any drink with rum in it.
What would be your favorite night here at Lola’s?
MF: Tuesday nights are actually really fun here, there is live music here. It’s
fun to watch all the people dancing, and their moves. The Grateful Dread (a reggae
band) plays that night, and the crowd is very lively.
An interesting memory from a summer here?
MF: Gosh, this is an embarrassing story. It was my first summer here. I was
following these girls around, and we were supposed to be getting on a boat. Well I
went to get on and I missed the boat. I sunk right to the bottom, the girls grabbed
my backpack up. It actually messed up my leg.
Any good stories from the people watching at the Bar?
MF: One time there was this guy, and he just got floss out and started flossing
his teeth. He really was going at it, and he was wrapping the floss all around his
head. It was wild.
What is your favorite time of year on the Vineyard?
MF: I really enjoy September, the water is still warm, and the weather is still
nice. September is relaxing.

Written By: Morgan Cowper


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