Horseshoe Ale Lanch at The 99 Restaurant & Pub


The Horseshoe Ale Launch Party at The 99 Restaurant & Pub in Charlestown, MA was a delicious start to fall dining that always includes lots of comfort food and hearty ales.  The brewer of Horseshoe Ale – Harpoon Brewery – was on hand to celebrate the fact that The 99 Restaurant & Pub is the exclusive pourer of this tasty Brew.

Horseshoe Ale is The 99’s new, signature craft beer that’s brewed exclusively and locally by Harpoon Brewery right here in Boston, MA.  It’s a smooth and refreshing beer that pairs well with most foods and is very easy to drinK. According to Dirty Water TV’s Rich DiMare, the one thing you definitely need to know about Horseshoe Ale is that you can only find it at your local Ninety Nine Restaurant and Pub.