Do you ever feel sluggish, loss of motivation, tired, or unhappy? This could be because you’re sleeping too much! Sometimes, when we allow our bodies to rest too much, they will find comfort in resting and we become lazier! Our bodies rely on muscle memory and when our muscles are mostly remembering stationary actions, or sleeping too much, being active and awake throughout the daytime will feel more like a struggle than an accomplishment. If you want to be a more productive person and feel overall satisfied with your day then let’s get started…

To begin, I want to note that yes, becoming a morning person involves some sacrifices but these sacrifices will bring reward, I promise. Although you may be a night owl and feel most productive at night – I know I have – there are doable ways in which you can change your routine successfully and in a healthy manner.

To answer your second question, yes again, you will need to hit the hay earlier! Becoming a morning person requires getting enough sleep throughout the night so you can not only wake up but also feel good when you wake up. If you are still going to bed after midnight and trying to wake up by six or seven a.m., becoming a morning person will not work out successfully in your favor. The goal here is to become a morning person so that you will feel healthier and happier, not sluggish and overwhelmed. Therefore, it is necessary to get the right about of sleep to power through your new and improved early day!

Now, what exactly is a morning person? Well, I like to consider waking up by seven a.m. pretty productive and realistic for myself. However, everybody is different. Don’t set a goal of waking up at an unrealistic time you know your body can’t handle right away. Try waking up an hour or two before you normally would any other day. If you typically wake up an hour before your class or work, try waking up an hour and a half before and then ease your way into two. This will allow you more time in your morning to get ready in a

more relaxed pace, get in a decent breakfast and catch up on some work which will put you ahead of time on your schedule, leaving time to dedicate to yourself ! Yes, more YOU time.

Also, when you wake up earlier feeling well rested and having a whole day ahead of you, rather than half of a day will entirely boost your motivation. This new energy and ambition will portray itself on your daily goals. This leads me to our next point, the feeling of determination. By noon you will have already completed more than you would have if you woke up at ten, giving you more free time in the evening to do those “ugh, I didn’t have enough time to this today” things. You’ll start to feel better about yourself and your goals. When you feel better about yourself and your accomplishments, you’ll be happier and that energy will glow from you, and the people around you will notice that too.

Not to mention, becoming a morning person can increase your likelihood to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay on track. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important things if you are an active person or on a health journey. Your muscles, body, and mind need enough rest time and you will be less likely to midnight snack!

Lastly, don’t rush into it! Take your time getting your body used to the changes it will be undergoing. Allow yourself to ease into a new routine. Slow & steady wins the race. As in dieting, if you participate in unhealthy, rapid, fast fat-burning health fads, there is a higher chance that you will gain that weight back quickly. Jumping into something too quickly will lead to a quicker crash. In any lifestyle change, you want to take your time in order to obtain long-term results.

Afterall, the early bird catches the worm!

Photo: Reader’s Digest