So as the royal wedding approaches (only a little over 40 days to go!) there has been a lot of buzz as more and more details are revealed. I recently stumbled upon a Bride book article that reports the alleged cost of different parts of the wedding. Looking at the breakdown of their budget left me speechless, and I couldn’t even imagine what that kind of money would look like. So I decided to look into what kind of things they could spend their money on.

$273,000 in drinks

A 20 oz. bottle of Coca-Cola costs $1.99… meaning with this drinks budget you could buy 137,186 bottles of Coca-Cola.

$404,000 on food, chefs, and catering staff

A McDonald’s Big Mac costs $3.99, so if they are looking to provide their guests with an endless buffet consisting of 101,253 Big Macs they have set aside the perfect amount of money.

$70,000 for the cake

I have no shame in admitting I am a huge fan of Twinkies, and those ring in at only $0.50 a Twinkie. For that price, they could fill their reception with 140,000 Twinkies.

$127,000 for “trumpets”

If the royal couple wants to be serenaded by a hoard of kazoos, they could get 282,222 kazoos since they’re sold for as low as $0.45.

$420,000 for music

While I’m sure they will have beautiful music playing at both the ceremony and the reception, with $420,000 they could subscribe to Spotify Premium for 42,042 months… which is over 3,500 years.

$14,000 for hair and makeup

Not going to lie, this one isn’t as dramatic as I had hoped it would be. For $14,000 you can buy around 483 Kylie Cosmetic lip kits, which is still a lot of lip kits…

And this is only the start… the rest of their budget eclipses over $1 million in expenses.

$24,000 for photography and videography

$8,500 for wedding rings

$183,000 for decorations and production

$155,000 for flowers

$21,000 for entertainment

$420,000 for the wedding dress

$7,500 for bridesmaid outfits

$11,000 for groomswear

$2,400 for flower girl and page boy outfits

$4,000 for wedding favors

$28,000 for stationery

$170,000 for the honeymoon

$49,000 for toilets for guests

If you want to read the original article, it can be found here

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