Okay so let’s face it… college is awesome. No matter how amazing your relationship with your family and friends back home may be, there’s something about having the freedom to do practically anything you want to do, whenever you want to do it. Like ordering a pizza at 1 am because you’ve just started studying, or splurging on a lip kit because you deserve to treat yourself. Except for some of us (myself included) that freedom means ordering a pizza a little more often than you should, and splurging far too often. So, what’s a college kid with no access to a car to do for money? Here are some ways that’ll help you get a little extra cash.

For the Animal Lover:

             Going to college often means leaving your favorite furry friend behind, which is why Wag! Is a great way to make money, get active, and of course spend some time with some adorable dogs. Think of this app as being like an Uber for dog walkers, people who have a dog in your area will post their location and the duration of the walk they want. You can accept a walk at any time, and there are no set minimum hours to keep an account. According to the Wag! website, walkers can make up to $25 an hour!

For the Hoarder:

            While college closets aren’t huge, some of us (myself included) have managed to bring a lot of clothes from home. If you have some clothes that you never wear taking up space in your closet, why not sell them? There are plenty of online options, and the ones listed are only a few.

ThredUP: This website will take care of everything for you! All you have to do is order a kit from online, and you send off any clothes that you want to get rid of. They then will sort the clothes, and whatever items they accept they will pay you for based off of what they plan on selling it for. If they don’t accept an item, they’ll donate it to charity or you can pay a small fee to get those items back. Sounds simple enough, right?

Tradesy: This site lets you have a little more control over your clothes. You upload photos of clothes you want to sell, and you get to set the prices. Tradesy will take a portion of any sales but will send you a kit that makes shipping a breeze.

For the Brainiac:

            Chances are at your college there’s a set of “core” classes that everyone has to take. If you happen to do really well in some of them, why not tutor? This is a job you can either go through your university to get or set up independently. If you do it through the school you may have more consistent hours, but if you do it independently you can decide how much your time is worth. Either way, it’s a great way to make money without having to leave campus. 

For the Artist:

             Maybe your college offers some cool art classes like jewelry making, or maybe you just bought some art supplies with you to college. Either way, why not sell your goods on Etsy? While Etsy will charge you a fee for publishing any listings as well as some transaction fees, it’ll still allow you access to a market to sell any of your artistic creations.

For those with a Car:

One thing that I’m sure the majority of college students share a love for is Uber and Lyft. Both of these help those of us without a car get around in a convenient and affordable way. If you have a car, why not get paid to give people a ride? Both of these apps allow a driver the flexibility to work when it’s convenient, so if you have some time in between classes why not make some money? Before you commit, keep these things in mind. Gas will become an expense so make sure you are driving enough to cover those costs and be sure to check with your auto insurance provider because it may affect your rates. And finally, if you choose to be a driver be sure to stay safe! 

Finally, on-campus options:

Last but certainly not least, look around campus for any jobs available. A lot of schools will have offices for student employment, so it never hurts to stop in and see what is available on your campus!

Hopefully, this gave you all some ideas on how to earn a little extra cash while at college! If you have any other ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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