In case you haven’t met Johnny Hickey


Boston’s Channel 5 with Johnny Hickey from Demo-Reel-Videos on Vimeo.

John Hickey made his film debut as writer and director of “Oxy-Morons”.  Known to local law enforcement as one of the most notorious “Oxy Bandits” in the Boston area, Hickey’s reign came to an end one night when jumped by a rival gang in Quincy MA and thrown off an 80 foot cliff.  As his road to recovery and redemption progressed, Hickey produced the “Oxy-Morons” screenplay from his prison cell where he spent three years for a string of pharmacy robberies and the illegal distribution of Oxycontin.  Upon release, Hickey went to work for the Federal Government helping law enforcement expose and incarcerate some of the most nefarious Oxycontin dealers in the country.  When he was finally given a chance to put his screenplay into production, Hickey dove into the main role, fully committing to reliving his life experiences in an attempt to educate, as well as entertain.

I was able to sit down with Johnny for a couple hours and he has some great idea’s for Dirty Water News. We look forward to exploring those opportunities with this fascinating young man…

Stay Tuned Boston this is on!!!

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