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This Sunday was absolutely WILD at The Greatest Bar! The Patriots did their thing, as always, and set the mood just right. The Greatest Bar is located at 262 Friend Street, Boston, MA right next to the TD Garden. There are 4 floors at The Great Bar and each and every one of them has its own unique traits. The first floor, or “The Greatest Room, has a giant projector screen along with multiple other TVs playing all the prime time sports events on them. The whole building was packed with passionate patriots fans and every one of them had a great view of the game. The menu is also full of delicious meals to enjoy, you could call it “the greatest menu”. The second floor is the Championship Room; It is a balcony with the DJ booth overlooking the dance floor, a perfect place for a private party in the VIP section. The third floor is the “Dirty Water Room” and has a big bar along with TV’s and even ski ball machines. The fourth floor is the “Boston Room” and has a beautiful VIP section, booths and tables, and a full bar with, you guessed it, big TVs to watch and enjoy. The room is decorated with Boston’s history, almost like a little museum. To sum it up, The Greatest Bar has set the bar very high, four stories high to be exact. Not to be redundant, but I had a GREAT time hanging out and watching the game. Everybody was feeling good, the dance floor was jamming, the Patriots were dominating, and I am looking forward to another night out at The Greatest Bar.

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Stage Nightclub Staff invade The Greatest Bar! #beststaffever


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