It’s Time to Live the Life of Your Dreams (but like actually)

    When it comes to living a happy life – I believe there is one direct route and that is to find your passion, follow your dreams and create a life around what you truly love to do. Now that can seem like a vague, confusing statement to hear, but let me break it down for you.

    Step One: Figure out what Your Dream Is & Believe You Have the Power to Make it Happen

    Start to think about what you want, what you really want – not status, or money, or power – what is it that you truly love to do and how can you make your dreams your life. Where do you want to live? What do you want to do? How do you want to make an impact? From there – get the mindset – set your mind on the frequency, the level, the faith of what you truly want to make happen, what you truly want to do. You need confidence. Once you have confidence in yourself, in your abilities, in this life – anything is possible.

    A year or two ago, as I was about to graduate college, my dream was to never work a 90 to 5 office job, so that I could travel the world and work as I go. This past month, I traveled to Costa Rica – a dream destination – to work, grow, and experience new adventures.

    Step Two: Find the Time & Make the Money

    Now that you know your dream and you’re confident you can make that dream a reality … it’s time to get to work. Depending on your current life situation, it may feel impossible to step aside and pursue your dream as an artist, author, entrepreneur, or Broadway performer. This is when you need to identify what’s stopping you from taking the first step toward your dream reality. For most people, it is time and money. You may have a 9 to 5 job, you may be a full-time student or parent – but there’s always time to follow your dreams, always. Find that extra time, set the alarm for an hour earlier, spend your lunch break doing research or decide to skip watching TV after work. To become someone you have never been before, you must be willing to do things you have never done. 

    Now that you have some time carved out, there is only one other potential obstacle standing in front of the door to your dreams – and that is money. I am going to say this as clearly as I can – take your extra time and start making some money online. If you are spending most of your time working a job, or being a student DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT start off by trying to make money with your dream or your passion. Things will simply end badly, and you will start to resent your passion or never make enough to quit the job or leave school and pursue your dream.

    So now you must be wondering, how can I start making some money online? Do I start selling feet pics? No, absolutely no. Now this topic is something that we will go into further in the Doing the Most – How to make $10K a month in 10 hours or less Course (aka the 10×10 Course) but for now I will quote the wise words of Daniel Linger, “Pick a skill, find a partner & execute.” Find a digital service that you can learn quickly learn, find someone who needs that skill, and then make it happen. 

    Step 3: Quit the Job and Take a Drive to Your Dream Life

    So, you have established your dream. You have realized that you are a limitless creature and have the capacity to do literally whatever you want in this life. You have made time for a side hustle that will push you closer to your dream. And you have started to make enough money on the side to quit whatever was wasting your time beforehand. Now it’s time to party baby. Well not actually. But it is time to work even harder – this is where the dream life really starts. 

    Now, as you start to make money with your side hustle and gain financial independence – you are more than welcome to start pursuing what it is that truly sets your soul on fire (in a good way). But nothing is more freeing than quitting the job you hate, leaving the college classes that feel like a waste of time and money, or simply choosing to pursue your passion full-time because you know you can.

    Now you have time to really commit, to really get your hands dirty in the sandbox of your dream. 

    One of my dreams is to build a platform that inspires and ignites people into action to follow their dreams and do things they never imagined they would do. That’s what I’m doing by pursuing the title of Miss Massachusetts 2022 … a crazy dream that once scared me more than I can explain. But I’m doing it anyway. What scares you most?

    Step 4: Go Nuts

    If you make it to this step – CONGRATULATIONS! You have truly set yourself free to pursue whatever it is that you feel passionately about.

    Want to start a company? Want to travel the world? Want to start making music? Want to do all 3? Go for it.

    You were put on this earth for a reason, you have a purpose. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone to explore what your purpose may be and know that it will always come down to whatever makes you feel the fullest, the happiest.

    Now I could surely go into more detail on how to start your own business, how to do the research and who to learn from. But for now, I am going to let this very simple, yet revolutionary concept sink in.

    Many people may not know this, but I was once immobilized by anxiety and fear. I was my own worst enemy, afraid to travel outside my comfort zone. But then I decided to travel abroad and pushed myself to places that really challenged me. Today I am announcing that I am pursuing the title of Miss Massachusetts 2022 … a crazy dream that I never thought I would do. But here I go!

    As Oprah Winfrey once said “You’ve got to follow your passion. You’ve got to figure out what it is you love – who you really are. And have the courage to do that. I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams.” 

    Go make it happen, xo,

    Shannon Fairweather

    Shannon Fairweather
    Shannon is a Dirty Water Media host, Podcast Host and Entrepreneur. Her brand "Doing the Most" aims to inspire people to have the courage to not only follow their dreams, but know how to make it happen. Whether Shannon is hosting an episode of Dirty Water TV or her own podcast, traveling the world, or chasing a dream - she aims to be an example of "what we believe, we can achieve."




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